SIEGO Xi Kou women interpret the sensual braided woman's dream

Intellectual, elegant and exquisite atmosphere, all the way from Spain to Milan, Paris, New York, Tokyo ... ... pursuit of independence, fashion, quality and perfect lifestyle, and constantly deduce the modern urban women's fashion and intellectual, elegant and sexy harmony.

SIEGO西蔻女装诠释感性 编织女人的梦想

SIEGO西蔻女装诠释感性 编织女人的梦想

SIEGO Women's 2011 autumn and winter series

Creative line segmentation and exquisite detail processing, bold color collision and unique fabric mix and match, SIEGO all the time interpretation of the sensual, romantic, intellectual, sophisticated unique personality, in the neoclassical romantic release of low-key luxury, close Fashion, but not drifting, elegant and natural show, continue to weave a woman's dream.

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