High-end women's brand brother involved in e-commerce autumn and winter hot new products

On the 18th, insiders informed that the high-end women's brand Brother has officially entered the e-commerce market and opened its first online flagship store in Taobao Mall. However, its high-end brand Armagh temporarily does not have an online retail plan.

According to customer service revealed that the current sale of all brother brother online sales for the full design, and offline shop completely different. Shop only the first day of 7 products, are winter clothing, including down jackets, fur coats, sweaters jackets, customer service, said, "The company has not yet notified whether to synchronize updates with the offline store goods."

Brother online product prices between 600 ~ 950 yuan. In accordance with Taobao Mall average customer price level, brother brother will be located in the first price group.

Analysts said brother brother had some news earlier that may be involved in online retail, but the action has been relatively stable, "From the current shop situation, the characteristics of tentative sales is obvious."

Brother is one of the most successful apparel brands in the market segment of the women's category, focusing on female consumers over the age of 30 in this age group. According to public information, brother brand originated from Taiwan, China, was founded in 1977, the mainland operations center is located in Guangzhou, its brands include brother, Amax, Yi Li and Mei four series, of which Brother and Amax are most familiar with consumers.

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