Eleven steps to increase online order turnover rate

[China Glass Network] The network is a major way for foreign trade personnel to obtain orders. However, some salesmen are still very entangled in how to increase the online order turnover rate. How should we improve the online order transaction rate? If you ask, let me introduce you. Detailed steps to increase the online order turnover rate!

1. Product release should have skills:

A company's product window design is often seen by customers in front of the eyes, those uploaded products must be equipped with good pictures, a good package picture is also more attractive, a good picture can let everyone on your Brands or products generate good interest. A good picture can give you a desire to know more about your products. A good picture can give you the opportunity to promote your products!

2. The update of product information should be timely and the activity of its own trade should be improved:

Update your products in real time, try to keep your product information in front, so that buyers will find you when they search. If you don't update in time, your information will sink to the bottom, so how many? People have the patience to turn down one page at a time. And many people will be optimistic about the information on the previous page, and they think that the companies in the forefront of the products must have strength. Of course, if you want to release the product information, Of course, your trade communication activity is also high. In this case, when you choose to use the trade activity to rank, everyone will see your product first!

3. Find the purchase information associated with your product in the past time, and contact the purchaser in time:

Business opportunities are not waiting for people, there is always something for you in so many purchase information. Some people will cooperate with you. Don't lose confidence in one or two unsuccessful calls. Communicate with customers in time, because everyone has such a Feeling, some customers often want something more urgent, if you don't have time to contact him before, his order may go to other places!

4. Treat each customer the same:

Let the customer feel the formality of your company (because the general company network has a dedicated person), the company attaches importance to the customer. Patiently answer the questions of the consultant, and must use a polite and respectful tone when replying. In this case, you can let Everyone feels that your factory is more formal!

5. Be sure to understand the products of your company:

If you don't even answer the answer to the customer's inquiry, you don't have to say a list. If you don't have a good grasp of the basic knowledge, how can you answer the customer's inquiry in time!

6. Improve communication skills with customers:

This is a university question. In short, don't rush to seek success, let customers feel your professionalism, sincerity, and feel the strength of your company.

7. Pay attention to the call back:

Regular or irregular phone tracking for prospective customers, but this must be a good scale, playing too much people will be annoying, if not tracking, the customer will forget you.

8. Do an online conversation and follow up offline:

Don't let go of every opportunity, you need to send someone to visit, you must arrive in time, so as not to miss the opportunity. Be sure to do a good job of online and offline, and strive to improve customer turnover.

9. Frequently in the forum to increase personal visibility:

Your popularity is high, so naturally someone will pay attention to your products, and become famous in the world. At that time, customers will come to the door.

10. Enthusiastically help others to ask for help:

This will improve your visibility in the forum and gain the trust and affection of others. I am always convinced of this sentence, helping others while helping myself. Everyone has questions to go to my blog shenzhenfob, I am happy to exchange foreign trade with you. Expertise and professional skills.

11. Whether it is a forum or chatting with a netizen, be sure to maintain a civilized language:

Keep the image in the forum because you represent the company and represent the brand.


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