How to buy quilts in winter?

How to buy quilts in winter?

Quilts are a kind of bedding products in modern home textiles. They are mainly used for people to keep warm when they sleep. Especially in winter, quilts are an indispensable product in people's daily life, but many in the market are illegal. The merchants sell a lot of black heart cotton, but for the majority of people, how to buy quilts? Today Xiaobian takes you to study and understand!
New tips and methods for buying quilts:
1. Pay attention to seeing is believing:
Look inside and outside the quilt. When looking at the label, the first thing to look at is 100% cotton, and the number of fabrics. The higher the count, the better the quality of the quilt fabric. Filling material, whether the bulkiness is uniform and the color is natural. Cotton fiber is naturally white in color. If the fiber is white and glaring, it may be mixed with chemical fiber or bleached. Be especially careful.
2. Use your hands to feel:
Many people think that the quilt is relatively thick. In fact, the quality quilt is very soft after processing. Therefore, when purchasing the quilt, you should touch the cotton core. If it is soft and fluffy, and there is no impurity, the quality of the cotton core is high. . In addition, the general cotton fabric feels soft and soft, feels full and thick, slightly sturdy and sturdy, and can be pulled less, and the recovery speed is slower after pulling. Therefore, when picking the quilt, it can be folded, and then scraped with the nail along the edge. After unfolding, the more obvious the scratch, the higher the cotton content.
3. Smell the smell for re-examination:
Good cotton fiber smells pure and does not irritate the nose, while inferior cotton has a smelly smell. After smelling a round, you can take out one or two cotton yarns for fire. Good cotton will have the same smell as burning hair. If black smoke is produced, it is a blended cotton containing chemical fiber. The more black smoke, the chemical fiber content. The higher.

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