What is Yulezi?

What is Yulezi , I believe that if it is not a good player, friends must not have much knowledge of it. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to the relevant information about Yulezi.


Yulezi originated very early in China. It can be seen in Hongshan culture and Liangzhu culture. Its development process is long. The shapes in different periods in history are very different. The shape is from simple to complex. The Qing Dynasty reached its peak.

Yulezi, also known as jade wax, has the shape of olive, waist, cylindrical, etc., the upper and lower thickness is cylindrical, the middle is thick and thin, the waist is thick, and the middle and thick ends are olive. . Yule can be worn alone or combined with other accessories to form a jade pendant. It is often easy to confuse with Yulezi. The two shapes are similar, but the shape of the dragonfly is large, and the jade is small. But the two are not one, the trick is to be used as a ritual device, so the shape of the device is solemn; and the Yulezi is a carry-on thing, the small party can be easily worn.

There are many kinds of surface ornamentation of Yulezi. In the early stage, there are many plains and no grain decoration. In the later stage, there are various gold ornaments, such as animal face, grain, cloud, dragon and phoenix, line pattern and so on. The knives used in it are simple in the early stage and complex in the later stage. There are reliefs, plane lines, hollow carvings and so on.

Yulezi has good material, exquisite shape, high aesthetic value, and is also suitable for collection. It is a good choice for jade.

The above is the relevant information about Xiaolezi introduced by Xiaobian for friends. I hope that after the introduction of Xiaobian, friends will have a new understanding of Yulezi, a new understanding!

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