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1, in the sunlight, the product has stripe-shaped paint strips this issue from the plastic physical and mechanical properties and plastic molding process to consider: 1. The temperature of injection molding equipment is not controlled well, after the masterbatch into the mixing chamber can not Mix well with the resin. 2. The injection molding machine does not add a certain back pressure, and the mixing effect of the screw is not good. Increase barrel storage. 3. The masterbatch has poor dispersion or poor resin plasticization. The following adjustments can be made to the process: 1. Raise the temperature of the mixing chamber by a part of the blanking mouth slightly. 2. Apply a certain back pressure to the injection molding machine. If the above adjustment is still not good, it may be the problem of dispersion or matching of masterbatch and resin, and contact with the masterbatch manufacturing department.

2. After using a certain color masterbatch, the products appear to be easier to break. This may be due to poor diffusion and miscibility of the dispersant or additive used by the manufacturer, which may affect the physical and mechanical properties of the product.

3. The color is too dark (too shallow) when used in proportion to the color masterbatch specification. Although this problem is simple, there are many possibilities. Specifically: 1. The masterbatch has not been carefully tested and the pigment is too little or too much. 2. Measurement is inaccurate when used, and domestic enterprises, especially SMEs, have a large number of random measurement phenomenon. 3. There is a problem with the matching of color masterbatch and resin. This may be due to the improper selection of masterbatch carrier, or it may be that the manufacturer randomly changes the resin type. The improper temperature of the machine, especially high, the masterbatch stays in the machine for too long, causing the toner to burn off. Processing procedure: First, check whether the resin type matches the masterbatch and whether the measurement is accurate. Second, adjust the machine temperature or the rotation speed. If there are still problems, contact the masterbatch manufacturer.

4, the same color masterbatch, resin and formula, different injection molding machine injection products why the color depth? This is often the cause of the injection molding machine. Different injection molding machines may cause differences in the mechanical conditions due to differences in manufacturing, use time, or maintenance conditions, and in particular, the difference in the degree of closeness between the heating elements and the cartridge, so that the dispersion state of the masterbatch in the cartridge is also different. The phenomenon will appear.

5. After changing the resin of another brand, the color of the same masterbatch and formula has changed. Why? Different grades of resin have different density and melt index, so the performance of the resin will be different, and the compatibility with the masterbatch will also be different, so that the color change occurs. Generally speaking, as long as its density and melt index are not different Large, then the difference in color will not be too much, you can correct the color by adjusting the amount of color masterbatch.

6. Does pigment migration during storage process affect the quality of the product? Some masterbatch pigments (or dyes) are high, and in this case migration is normal. In particular, color masterbatches that incorporate dyes can cause serious migration. However, this does not affect the quality of the product, because after the masterbatch is injected into the product, the pigment is at a normal color concentration in the product.

7, why some of the injection products gloss is not good? There are several possibilities: 1. The nozzle temperature of the injection molding machine is too low 2. The mold finish of the injection molding machine is not good 3. The molding cycle of the product is too long 4. The titanium dioxide contained in the masterbatch is too much 5. The dispersion of the masterbatch is not good

8. After some time, some plastic products will fade. 1. The quality of the pigments used was not good, or improper toner was used and drifting occurred. 2. The lightfastness of the paint is not enough.

9, why ABS masterbatch is particularly prone to color differences? The different grades of ABS produced in various countries have a large color difference. Even if the ABS of the same brand number is used, there may be color differences in each batch of lot numbers. Of course, color differences may also occur after color masterbatch is used. This is due to the characteristics of ABS. There is no complete solution at the international level. However, this color difference is generally not serious. When users use ABS masterbatch, they must pay attention to this characteristic of ABS

10, polyethylene blow molding common problems and solutions 1, the film surface was cloud-like reasons: color masterbatch filler, poor color masterbatch dispersion, extrusion screw speed is too fast, extrusion screw temperature is too high or too low, Head temperature is too high or too low. Solution: Reduce the speed properly, adjust the screw cooling water temperature, adjust the head temperature. Reduce the masterbatch filler content and increase the pigment dispersion in the masterbatch. 2. Reasons for the collapse of the bubble tube: impurities in the masterbatch, pores in the masterbatch, and coking of inorganic pigments in the masterbatch. Solution: improve the fineness of the filter, strengthen the masterbatch in the manufacture of the filter, strengthen the mixing, the masterbatch extrusion vacuum to switch to organic pigments. 3, poor film flatness causes: color masterbatch contains more filler. Solution: Reduce the amount of filler in the masterbatch. 4, film bag sealing bad cause: color masterbatch contains more wax. Solution: Reduce the wax content in the masterbatch.

11. Common problems and solutions of masterbatches in the application of cast film 1. The reason why cast film is in a reticular structure is that the pigment content is too high, the heat resistance of the pigment is not good, and the masterbatch has moisture. Solution: properly reduce the temperature of each zone, the masterbatch should be dried, choose a pigment with high color strength, choose a pigment with good heat resistance, strengthen the air blow, and properly increase the water temperature. 2, cast film hiding power is not good reasons: the low content of titanium dioxide in the film Solution: increase the amount of masterbatch, increase the content of titanium dioxide in the masterbatch, using R-type titanium dioxide. 3, colored dots on the cast film cause: poor pigment dispersion solution: choose a good dispersion of pigments to enhance the pigment grinding. 4. The reason for smoke during processing: There are many volatile matters in the masterbatch Solution: Reduce the extrusion temperature and use a high temperature dispersant.

12. Common defects and solutions in the application of color masterbatch in plastic sheeting 1. The reason why the sheet is cloud-shaped is that the masterbatch is uneven in the sheet, the processing temperature is low, and the temperature of the resin unit is too high. The solution: increase the temperature of the barrel, increase the temperature of the die lip, reduce the temperature of the barrel, lower the temperature of the die lip, and improve the dispersion of the masterbatch. 2, the sheet has a longitudinal stripe causes: raw materials or masterbatch impurities, mold impurities in the lip. Solution: Strengthen filtering. 3, there are bubbles in the sheet cause: raw materials or masterbatch moisture, processing temperature is too high. Solution: Reduce the processing temperature, dry the raw materials and masterbatch.

13, color masterbatch in the hollow molding application problems and their solutions 1, a color difference causes: poor color masterbatch blowing air pressure is insufficient, the color masterbatch heat resistance is not good. Solution: Improve the air source pressure, appropriately reduce the temperature in each zone, improve the color masterbatch carrier MI, and use good heat-resistant pigments. 2. Causes of colored dots: poor masterbatch dispersibility, poor resin plasticization. Solution: Improve the fineness of the filter, increase the molding temperature, and improve the pigment dispersion.

14, color masterbatch molding products used for molding problems and their solutions 1, light color causes: low pigment content, pigment heat resistance is not good. Solution: Increase the color masterbatch pigment content, select the pigment that meets the resistance of 180°C, 30min. 2. Causes of pores: Large pigment particles, impurities in raw materials, impurities in masterbatch, and carriers are incompatible. Solution: Check the raw materials one by one to improve the dispersibility of the pigment, strengthen the filtration in the masterbatch manufacturing, and replace the compatible resin. 3, foam size instability causes: pigment crystal structure solution: increase the amount of foaming agent, increase the foaming temperature, switch to new pigment varieties.

15, the masterbatch caused by injection molding problems and their solutions 1, the reason is not good gloss: the nozzle outside the low temperature, long molding cycle, pigment masterbatch in more titanium dioxide, pigment masterbatch poor pigment dispersion. Solution: Increase the nozzle temperature and shorten the molding cycle. Reduce the titanium dioxide in the masterbatch and increase the pigment dispersion in the masterbatch. 2. Causes of uneven color: The temperature of the feed tank is high, the molding cycle is long and the resin compatibility is not good. Solution: Reduce the material cylinder temperature and use a compatible carrier.

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