Bright color how to look good with candy colored down jacket how

Bright color is the most suitable winter color for children, the winter itself is a very boring season, decorated with bright colors is the most suitable winter friends, so that the spring gas from the spring, so that the cold winter has become more vibrant . Photo credit: Bangui deer autumn and winter 2013 series What little girl favorite color? Pink girl is an essential color, if your wardrobe is not pink down jacket style, then take a look at the style of pink down jacket BJ deer with it. This solid color clothing with a simple style, accompanied by a black panda scarf, that is sweet and cute. Christmas is approaching, wear light-colored clothing so that children have become a Christmas street scenery, brisk Christmas tree dress, colorful lantern, but still does not affect the dazzling children's clothing, orange long paragraph down jacket style, with Jeans, brisk, Christmas dress up to children before it.

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