What is Hetian Topaz?

Hetian Topaz

There are many varieties of Hetian jade in Xinjiang, and topaz is one of the rare and precious jade species. Topaz, also known as yellow wax, is a vapor of igneous rock released during the crystallization process. Common in rhyolite and granite. The shape is columnar, the shape is large, the hardness, the texture is fine, the color is pure, and the high-grade topaz is generally golden in color and has high ornamental value.

But not all yellow wax stone is called topaz, only the yellow stone with the quality of jade grade can be called topaz. The industry generally believes that topaz is a kind of chalcedony, and topaz is a jade with a strong hardness of nephrite. According to folk customs, it is more desirable to compare topaz with jadeite. Among the many colors of topaz, the highest value is red.

Huang Yutong is loved by Chinese and foreign people. Westerners believe that topaz is a jade that protects people from sorrow and rebuilds confidence. As one of the three primary colors, topaz is warm and peaceful. It can be used as a symbol of peace and friendship. It is deeply loved by the believers and is also known as the "stone of peace."

Topaz is an honorable person in China, also known as Huang Yu. As is known to all, yellow is the special color of the Chinese royal family. Of course, the topaz has become the favorite jade of the royal emperor, and the unique characteristics and rare quantity of the topaz make it more distinguished. Topaz is also known as the "stone of the emperor" in China.

Topaz has a large production area, except for Xinjiang Hetian, which is also produced in Yunnan, Guangdong. Brazil, Russia, etc. abroad are also the main producing areas of topaz.

The above is a small series for friends to briefly introduce what is related knowledge of Hetian Huangyu, I hope friends like it!

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