How to identify grape stone

How to identify grape stones? Grape stone is one of the most sought after gems. Because the texture of hydrating ice is similar to ice jade, it is often impersonated as ice, and friends who don't know about jade knowledge are easily deceived. Let's talk about it. How to identify the grape stone.

Grape stone

In fact, the interior of the grape stone is clean, the color is pleasing to the eye, and the particles are full and round, but the internal inclusions can be carefully observed to distinguish the difference. Because the grape stone is produced by the relatively low temperature hot water effect, it is rarely produced with high temperature. Symbiosis. As long as you carefully observe the condition of the inclusions, you can distinguish between true and false. In addition, you can distinguish between the following three aspects:

(1) Enlarged observation: fibrous structure, arranged radially.

(2) Heating and melting will foam and become white glass.

(3) With white streaks.

Due to its mellow and crystal-clear nature, the grape stone is popular among designers in recent years. Among many natural gemstones similar to jade, grape stone is also a very high quality jade variety, and it has many crystals. Like jade, there are some magical effects:

1. Grape stone can make the thinking clear and has the power to improve the sense of intuition.

2. In the modern era of information flooding, how much thinking becomes confused, and Grape Stone can guide you to choose the most suitable path.

3. When frustration becomes negative, wearing grape stones can increase perseverance and improve patience, guiding you to achieve your goals.

Xiaobian will introduce so much to you about how to identify the relevant knowledge of grape stones. I hope to help you.

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