Do you know the underwear bra's hidden function?

Although many women touch underwear all day, but really understand how many people underwear? In fact, to really understand the underwear can be achieved through many ways, the women in love, Triumph, Sissi buy lingerie store can learn, there are many styles and features underwear.


1. Full-bra This refers to all the breasts can be included in the hood, with support and enhance the effect of concentration, is the most functional cup.

2. Bra cup bra in general has the function of concentrating the chest, functional full cup almost, but with better styling results.

3. Half-cup bra is conducive to match the clothing, although the performance is weak, but the effect is quite satisfactory to enhance the smaller chest, the more full after wearing.

4 strapless brassieres bra mostly to support the chest, easy to wear with bare shoulders and wide collar sexy clothing

5. Seamless bra cup surface through a seamless process, sewn into a thick cotton pad, under the chest around the stage is seamless, suitable with tight clothing.

6. Front buckle bra hook installed in the front, generally easy to wear, but also have a concentration effect, but need to be noted that if worn over, causing the fabric aging and loss of elastic support force, but will make the chest open.

7. Long-sleeved bra is a standard bra, the lower end of the cup than the average length of the console, the abdomen, back of the fat and excess fat to the chest concentration.

8. Strapless bra can adjust the belly, waist fat, the performance of your curve, is currently very popular with sexy clothing, such as evening dress.

9. Sports underwear with a certain amount of vibration support force, a shock-proof function, in sports, compared with the general bra has a fixed chest and breast protection function, to avoid injuries during exercise.

10. The standard full body harness is bundled waist, harness function as one of the functional underwear, but in the purchase of particular attention not to squeeze the chest or hip curves.

11. Diamond body bundle belly diamond cut has a compression function, the upper body close to the body design, more emphasis on abdominal fat movement effect.

12. The length of the body length of about half the length of the hip buttocks, suitable for the upper body and lower body difference between the larger and upper body wearing, if the effect of matching pants better

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