How to do the jade bracelet crack

What about the crack of the jade bracelet? If the jade bracelet is not carefully kept, it is easy to be thrown and cracked. What should I do with these cracks? The following small series will tell you about it.

Jade bracelet crack

Bracelet is one of the most favorite accessories for women. It can highlight the beautiful wrist curve of women, which not only reveals the temperament of women, but also shows the elegance and elegance of people. In some costume dramas, we will see whether the beautiful and charming lady, the cute and cute, or the dignified wife like to wear a bracelet, the bracelet is round, the symbol is never ending, the ring is always round, love There is no end to it, a jade bracelet is accompanied by you, accompanied by you through the beautiful years.

Because the maintenance of the jade bracelet is colliding or falling, there is a possibility of cracking or cracking. In addition, many friends can distinguish the difference between smashing and cracking. Therefore, when you see the pattern on the bracelet, you will be afraid of cracking, so you are afraid to buy it. Even wearing it, first of all, let me introduce the difference between the 绺 and the crack of the jade jade bracelet: crack: the crack is usually caused by the day after tomorrow, the outer crack is mostly, the naked eye is visible, there is no filler in the middle, the nail can be scraped, and some are very serious. Some are very slight.

Cleft palate: Cleft palate is usually caused by congenital, mostly with internal fissures and longitudinal lines. It is visible to the naked eye. There are colored (impurity) fillers in the middle. The nails are generally not scratchable, and there are serious and slight. Some splits are even seen with a 10x magnifying glass, so a slight split is acceptable, after all, natural things are not perfect. ??

Ok, now that I know the cracks and cracks, what happens when the bracelet accidentally hits a crack? If the crack is small and does not affect the wearing, you can continue to wear it, and the bracelet is worn on hands that are not used frequently, so as to avoid unnecessary bumps. If the crack is very deep, and even the diameter is broken, it is recommended that everyone go to the gold processing, the labor cost is generally around 300 yuan, depending on the complexity, gold is also settled according to the market. If the bracelet is broken into two halves, it can also be treated with gold. If the color of the bracelet is better and the value is higher, it can be changed into other jade pieces, such as ring face, ball, tube and so on.

As for the crack problem of the jade bracelet, I will introduce so much to everyone. Be careful when wearing this jade bracelet.

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