Yang Shuangyuan, a cadre of Baofeng University Student Village, founded Melody's preferred hair products processing factory


On August 27, left-behind women from family planning families in Daying Town, Baofeng County produced and processed wigs at the wig factory.

Yang Shuangyuan, a cadre of college students in Kangxi Village, Daying Town, Baofeng County, Henan Province, graduated from the College of Bioengineering, Henan University of Technology in June 2007. On June 1, 2010, he was assigned to the village cadre of Kangxi Village, Daying Town, Baofeng County. Deputy secretary of the branch.

In October last year, I rented idle space and founded Xiaowei Enterprise---Mai Lefu preferred hair products processing factory. At the beginning, I only processed the model heads of some small factories in Xuchang, and hand-woven wigs, which lasted for more than 7 months. The development of the exploration, in early July 2013, cooperated with Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xuchang Rebecca Group, through the inspection and appraisal of the management personnel of Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd., through the quality of Rebecca Hair Products Co., Ltd. Review. In mid-July 2013, a processing contract was signed, and each time the product was processed, it was returned to Rebecca after passing the inspection.

The factory assembles more than 20 sets of new machines and equipment, through the ratio of hair , whole hair, metering, double cutting, double needle sewing, one comb, single needle sewing, two combing, lamination, crochet hand weaving, quality inspection, etc. More than ten production process, the workshop is equipped with air conditioning, water dispensers, and trucks. More than 50 rural women of childbearing age and left-behind women are arranged to work in the factory. The average monthly wage of workers is about 1,500 yuan.


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