The meaning of jade represents different in different periods.

China can be described as a country of jade. In the splendid culture of China for thousands of years, the meaning of jade representation in different periods is also different. Different forms of jade represent their different meanings, such as "Zhou Li Chun Guan Zong Bo" said: "To use jade as a six-piece, to protect the world from the square. To the sky, to the heavens, to the yellow rites, to the Qinggui In the east, the white sorrows the west, the red rituals ritual to the south, and the sacred yellow rituals to the north."

The meaning of jade represents different in different periods.

In recent years, the Hetianyu market has developed strongly, which has attracted the attention of many art collectors. However, as an ancient jade that has been inherited for more than 7,000 years in China, the Chinese people’s love for Hetian jade is not only because Hetian jade's broad appreciation prospects, in the ancient Chinese literature seeds, there is no lack of praise for Hetian jade, in the eyes of the Chinese, Hetian jade is beautiful, more sacred, and up to seven In the inheritance of thousands of years, Hetian jade and Chinese culture have been combined to form a profound cultural charm. Therefore, people's love for Hetian jade is more of a kind of respect for Chinese traditional culture.

China is the only region in the world that has Hetian jade mineral resources, and its storage is very limited. After a long period of over-exploitation, resources are almost exhausted, and it is rare to reach the fine-grade jade seed. At first sight, it is the favorite collection of many collectors. Once it appears on the market, it will be snapped up.

Jade has an irreplaceable position in the hearts of Chinese people. After being used by the rulers and connoisseurs of the past generations, it has been interpreted and embellished by ritualists, and finally became a kind of supernatural force. Jade has become an indispensable spiritual sustenance of life. In the treasure house of ancient Chinese art, the ones that have lasted for seven thousand years since the Neolithic Age are jade articles; those who have the closest relationship with people's lives are also jade articles. Jade has been deeply integrated into Chinese traditional culture and rituals, playing a special role and playing a role that cannot be replaced by other arts and crafts.

There are generally three factors that determine the price of a piece of jade. One is quality, the other is the place of origin, and the other is the production environment. The good Hetian seed material is finer and the particles are not visible to the naked eye. The crystal can be seen only under the microscope. The structure is very fine, the toughness is very good, the seed material is very good, and there are no defects or impurities. The color of Hetian jade is best in white. The color of this seed is very positive and the saturation is suitable. This Hetian seed material has a lustrous color and is slightly transparent and has a good luster.

The good Hetian jade seed material is now more and more scarce, and the price is getting higher and higher. Recently, industry experts predict that the future collection market and Tianyu will still be the mainstream. Hetian jade seed materials will still maintain the crazy growth of prices. They are different from paintings and calligraphy. Paintings and paintings are reproducible, while good Hetian jade seeds are non-renewable. Good seeds are carefully carved by outstanding artists and will become art. Boutique. It is still a good time to buy Hetian jade seeds.

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