There is gold luxury golden shoes recommended

This site on November 20 hearing, gold, has always been the public's favorite color, whether it is the ancient royal or modern luxury, are respected with gold. Since Golden is so fashionable, why should you miss your chance to become a "local tyrant"? If you do not want to look too dazzling, then a pair of golden shoes is definitely an indispensable single product, but also an irresistible color. Take a bold try and let yourself take the "glow."

The golden rough heel boots, the black car line design, the simple and elegant charm, the rough design, don't wear too much burden.

The fish mouth fine heeled shoes, with fish mouth design, very feminine, with a strap on the instep treatment, wear very feet, but also very comfortable.

Modern pointed heeled shoes, gas field and feminine style are in place, concise design, thick with the design, comfortable feet. (Cooperative Media: Garment Collocation)

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