b + ab scarves with brand

Scarves collocation is the autumn and winter women have to exchange topics, this is always a soft spot for the scarf, warm Ye Hao, decoration Ye Hao, with a good scarf can really make the body through the eye-catching place between the neck from the large Long to short and chic, knitted wool to fur, do not have the same style. But with the entire uniform clothing is inconspicuous also have a bit awkward skills.

b+ab品牌  围巾搭配

Black hole kerchief

b+ab品牌  围巾搭配

Mauve camouflage scarf

b + ab brand accessories, triangular scarves, camouflage scarves, the autumn season, we simply dress up, a sweater, a V-neck pullovers, walking in the morning to work in the street, there is a trace of coolness, so scarves are our little Partner, shopping time, you can also fasten it on the bag, both a beautiful modification, but also a warm warmth.


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