Makassini Men's "runaway fashion" first youth together to bring the city

On the evening of July 6, Quanzhou surged across the city. In a showcase of fashion, petty bourgeoisie and creativity, the show was partnered with PARTY show of Marc Cassini's Men's Runaway Fashion. Macassini men have sounded the "horny fashion" loud horn, the city's stylish vanguard, white-collar workers, young people and dreams of blood fellow, all under the guidance of the Macassini men's because of "the whole city Together to youth "theme activities once again assembled! Runaway Night: In the name of environmental protection, as the fashion uprising As a continuation of" 10000 fashion attitudes "of the Macassini Men, the theme of large-scale fashion and environmental protection series" Runaway Fashion "aims to express the brand The prevalence of fashion, the attitude of green life respected, the environmental protection and fashion of life style into one, to create a new concept of fashion. As the starting point of "Runaway Fashion", Quanzhou Station evening's unique concept of open-air fashion environmental shock! This Quanzhou and even the entire apparel industry's largest open-air fashion concept of environmental protection show, and always will be environmentally friendly throughout them. Through the concept of creative makeup, whether it is the choice of costumes or modeling, popular topics such as human health and sub-health, through the model interpretation of performance. The first eco-concept show of the first precedent, showing the true state of society and individuals, expressed the brand's deep thinking on fashion and humanities, becoming the most shocking highlight of the night. Fashionable young people in the Maka Sini men's call, more and more choose a green and healthy lifestyle. Dinkin, man at the helm of Cassini, said at the show floor that "the pioneering fashion pioneer is a pioneer in the field of environmental protection," said Macassini and his followers, willing to do pioneering environmental protection. Concept show, subverts the concept and definition of fashion, is bound to inject a powerful integration force for the development of the fashion industry.It welcomes all fellow human beings with an open and accommodating attitude, is a brand universal popularity of fashion. Red carpet, there is no dazzling lighting, models walk true, every audience is the fashion show participants. Macassini Men's not a high fashion model, fashion is no longer just a few people can access luxury, it respected fashion is a way of life, a social attitude. Greetings of youth: the theme of the times, the brand's new attitude In addition to the wonderful fashion show shocking, live night storms concert is even more agitated cells for each participant, sonorous melodious voice screaming music lovers youth, cheers and applause Fury as the backbone of the age of 80 after the main theme of the theme of the times: To the youth is undergoing, but also highlight the fashion attitude of the men's Cassini: brave once, be yourself! As the main customer groups after 80 as the cutting-edge fashion men's brand, Youth is the main theme of this never-ending, Macassini men once again seize the pulse of the times, setting off the whole city to the youth boom. After the feast, the crowd has not receded for a long time. "The City Comes Together for Youth" is a fashion innovation, so that each participant in the carnival constantly explore the most authentic themselves and the most surging youth. When youthfulness becomes the resonance of this generation, opportunistic fashion "runaway fashion" is a deep understanding and soothing of Man Cassini's men after 80, and a firm grasp of the market and consumers. PARTY always when the song ends, but youth and fashion never leave. "Runaway fashion" After the first stop in Quanzhou, Wuhan, Shenyang, Changchun, Lanzhou, Taiyuan will have taken over the "runaway" fashion stick, the "runaway" in the end! Through Fashionable Environmental Show & restless youth music season, theme Party, creative riding, 3D environmental exhibition and other activities form, Macassini men called freedom to share their fellow men, together to explore the city's own youth and dreams. As long as the youth did not end, as long as the dream did not retreat, fashion will have been runaway, let us look forward to!

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