Cache-Cache opened a new store successfully stationed in Shanghai Moon Star Global Port

Shanghai girlfriends blessed it! Cache-Cache opened a new store, on the second floor of Shanghai Moon Star Global Harbor underground shop B2078 ~ July 5 began trial operation, the day there is a special gift to the store (first come, first served), sisters are sad at the weekend off work place? CC summer beauty waiting for you to pick oh ~

捉衣藏 - cache cache

Cache-Cache is an international brand of young women under the age of 18 to 30 under the French "Bonmanua Group". The Bomanoi Group has more than 1,000 stores worldwide and since the Cache-Cache brand officially entered China in October 2005. The Cache-Cache brand is growing rapidly in China. As of December 2007, the number of stores has increased to 100. Cache-Cache sticks to French fashion style and high cost performance to attract more customers. In France, Cache-Cache has more than 20 years of joining experience.

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