Pelvic Health Care for Underage Female Heels

[This site - shoes and life] For your health, no matter how you like, try not to wear high heels before the age of 18, otherwise it may cause changes in the shape of the foot and pelvis.

From the physiological development point of view, before the age of 18, it was still in puberty. There were no stereotypes in the footbone, spine, and pelvis. There were many cartilage components and the bone was soft. It was easy to bend and deform under external force.

When a girl wears high heels, the body naturally leans forward and the center of gravity moves forward. The body weight is too much concentrated in the first half of the foot. In the long term, the phalanges will become thick due to heavy burdens, affecting the flexibility of the toe joint, and even causing toes. arthritis. In addition, the pelvis may become heavier due to the load, causing pelvic stenosis and affecting adult delivery.

Recommended for young girls under the age of 18, it is best to wear flat shoes under 3 cm, wear less high heels, 78cm high heels do not wear even more.

Makeup Tips: high heels are women's favorite, even if not wearing, the family will also store one or two pairs of high heels, often wear high heels will make your pelvis change, the beauty of women should also have high heels for health Holidays.

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