The leader dressed in Hainan Island uniforms debut Tunchang County, the third farmers Expo opening ceremony

Tunchang --- Central Hainan eco-economic center, the "small county culture" of the county. Is a famous betel nut village, crystal township, hometown of table tennis, hometown of folk skills, but also Hainan International Tourism Island Emerging middle mountain landscape resort .Tunchang, like the legendary Phoenix Nirvana, constantly sharpening in recent years, radiating a beautiful and charming appearance .After several years of leapfrog development.This "Central Pearl", flash Today, into Tunchang. Wide modern new road, showing the ecological style of the Central Plaza. Fashionable cultural centers, sports centers, leisure shopping streets and cafes, Tunchang economic and social development, the city Construction and livable city vivid portrayal of wood lake full of color, is ushering in a new depth of tourism development craze for two consecutive years successfully held the National Mountain Bike Championship, the National Table Tennis Club Super League, the reputation of the province Of the folk skills contest, is becoming a brilliant brand Tunchang culture development.Where the people here, his face showing upward, the smile of peace ...... 2012 third Tunchang County Peasant Exposition and folk technology The competition will be held in Central Hainan (Tunchang) Home Building Materials City from March 15th to March 17th. The contents of this year's Farmers Expo include a variety of activities such as product exhibitions, folk skills competitions and agricultural forums, Taiwan folk culture exhibition project. Tunchang County, the third farmers Expo and folk skills contest was set up a total of "seven exhibitions", exhibition area of ​​8320 square meters. During the agricultural fair press, Tunchang will also hold 10 interesting farmer production techniques competitions including Tunchang black pig racing, tapping competition and weaving dustpan contest, and 654 farmers from Tunchang County have signed up for the competition. In addition, this year's Farmers Expo will host the first Qiongtai folk culture show, invited 30 Qiongtai folk arts and culture to participate in thematic exhibitions, conduct Qiongtai cultural exchanges and promote the prosperous development of Tunchang folk culture

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