Why are eco-home textiles favored?

Eco-home textiles are textiles that are harmless to human health by using raw materials and production processes that are harmless or harmless to the environment.

The gap formed by the home textile textile velvet structure can retain the heat and reveal the moisture. The home textile can comfort the warmth while maintaining the temperature difference of the sleeping environment and keep warm, so as to promote the blood circulation of the human body and have a good natural circulation to the human body. Health effects.

Eco-home textiles are favored because of its unique advantages of health, environmental protection and comfort.

For example, the Veken warm sleep natural ecological warming kit is based on the principle of bionics, imitating the animal fur structure, using the latest Raschel process, so that the flannel surface has a natural three-dimensional space, which can effectively prevent the general home textile products from being stiff, hard and cold. Such problems, the characteristics of close-fitting and timely warming also effectively solve the chills caused by the quilt in winter.

Downcoat is a jacket filled with Down stuffing and has a large round shape. Down clothes generally account for more than half of the down. At the same time, they can be mixed with some fine feathers. The down clothes can be cleaned, disinfected by high temperature, and then filled in the clothes.
Down Jacket has the best warmth retention. Most of them are worn by people in cold areas.

Down Jacket

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