Ipibi women's proxy proxy hosting channels significantly reduce the cost

The advantage of hosting is that it solves problems such as investment promotion , sales channel construction and terminal management for brand owners. Brand companies can put more energy on product development, product design and product outsourcing.

Now the market hosting methods are "big care" and "small care" of the points, that is, the overall hosting and sales hosting. Overall custody is the custodian's overall takeover of the brand's overall business, custody of sales is custodian managed sales only part of the work. Profit distribution is also different, "big care" to get about 20% of sales, small caretaking profit of 8% to 15%.

A set of data shows that managed operations can save more than 200,000 yuan a year for brands. First, saving a market director salary and commission, the marketing director's salary plus commissions each year at least 100,000 yuan. The second is to save a management vice president of the annual salary. Hiring a vice president of management at least 60,000 yuan annual salary, and trustees hosting company consultant management consultant, allowing companies to achieve process-oriented management without spending money. Third, save the cost of hiring a planning manager. Planning manager at least 40,000 yuan annual salary, the entire mission planning consultants can allow businesses to spend very little money to carry out an orderly planning work. Fourth, saving at least 15,000 yuan new conference fee.

When the brand has a certain strength, certainly want to own the terminal, from the original terminal "passive" terminal into a "proactive" for the business is a good thing. However, this method of hosting is not suitable for all brands, such as the main third-tier cities, do not need the mall channel brand, may not use the hosting model. But it is worth all of the industry's concern is that the emergence of the new model must have its existence value.

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