How foreign trade companies go to the domestic market

At present, due to the constraints of concepts and operating models, especially the high barriers to entry and high costs, many foreign trade companies have encountered great resistance and difficulty in transferring domestic sales. So is it not a way for foreign trade companies to do domestic markets? The author believes that if system innovation and resource integration are to be achieved, foreign trade companies can still expand the domestic market.

The joint sales body of foreign trade products is different from the ordinary foreign trade clothing stores that we usually see. It is a new model with brand image communication and fashion trend display. Such as hot air, this home was created in 1996. The brand clothing store, the name hotwind from "live your life", that is, dynamic life. The brand is based on a variety of foreign trade brands Weihuo and four self-built brand-based products, with the advent of the store display decoration, and more cool fashion style, opened more than 30 chain stores across the country.

In fact, for many foreign trade enterprises engaged in clothing, home textiles, furniture, and toy products, it is possible to establish such a brand monopoly organization, achieve channel breakthrough, and even form a “diversified alliance” to jointly develop the market for many excellent quality and functions. The products produced by prominent foreign trade companies find a space for sale and display.

Launching the online sales model At present, online sales have become the main consumption method for the consumer groups after the 1980s and the 90s. It can enable people to buy any product without leaving home. This is an opportunity for foreign trade companies. Whether it is to open a Taobao store or build an electronic store on its own, the key to online sales is to design an online sales model that will drive product sales and generate tremendous communication and influence.

Because many foreign trade companies lack marketing awareness and do not want to invest huge advertising costs, choosing a network for low-cost marketing is a feasible way for foreign trade companies. For example, a foreign trade home textile company in Xiamen sold a series of advertisements on the Internet to attract customers, digest inventory, and sold four-piece bedding only at cost price. As a result, it sold out in a few months. More than 10,000 sets of products, all of the inventory backlog for many years to digest, but because of the good product quality, but also brought a lot of repeat customers, companies in the process of turning domestic sales has entered a healthy development.

Innovative positioning products The products of foreign trade companies are generally exported to the United States, Britain, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries, so the quality and function of the products are better than those of domestic products, but due to the competition in the home textile market, the competition has entered the brand battle. Industrial chain integration, channel integration, capital operation stage, therefore, when foreign trade companies move to the domestic market, they must reposition and adjust the original products, and pure high quality cannot meet the market demand.

If the products of Yaguang towel are sold to foreign countries, the weight of the towels used for export is large and the color is dark. It is difficult for the Chinese to accept. In the face of such a thorny issue of foreign trade and domestic sales, in addition to formulating product improvement plans, , To reduce the weight, to develop bright and elegant color products, how to highlight the quality and value of the towel is the key. Yaguang towel adopts the technical standards of the European Union. The product does not contain softeners and is eco-friendly, but these do not inspire purchases by consumers. Therefore, the matt towel proposed a new idea of ​​positioning the towel as a cosmetic product.

People can choose different fabrics and functional towels according to skin quality. For example, bamboo fiber towels are more suitable for sensitive skin and oily skin. In order to highlight the beauty function, Yaguang Home Textiles has also used a patented flavoring technology in some products. The unique "Aromatherapy towel", and the mainstream consumers who buy towels are mostly young women and family women. This kind of product positioning is in line with their inner desire and the products are sold out of stock.

In short, for foreign trade companies, in the face of a huge domestic market, we must first find a platform to interface with the market, and then tap the hot spot of product or market demand to cultivate and train a marketing team that can compete for excellence. Only in this way can there be ample room for development in the domestic market.

(The author is a brand consultant of Shanghai Jinshen Consulting Co., Ltd.)

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