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Summer comes, to a simple T-shirt branded with a variety of printing and then reflect the ever-changing colors in this summer to attract young, individual eye, a Meters / bonwe (Metersbonwe), Tang Lion, Jeanswest, Where guest brands such as the main track. As a result, the streets and lanes filled with or cool, or smart and lovely, or ethnic customs of the individual figure. In addition to the Meters / Bonwe MTEE series, Baleno, Semir and UNIQLO have released similar cartoon images of authorized products in cooperation with the owners of various classic cartoon images to launch licensed products. Tang Lion launched this summer T-shirt brand - TNT, and the grand online games, perfect power, visual China jointly launched online games series, animation series, illustration series, facial expression series four major T-shirts. Jeanswest launched a "2011 Tattoo T" campaign - 8090 Battle, invited 11 comics in the field of design leader launched 20 models printed T-shirt. However, compared with Meters / bonwe, the first step, the Tang Lion and Jeanswest practice somewhat more imitation of the taste. For Meters / bonwe, the MTEE category has been imprinted with cultural innovations since it was introduced. The promotion of MTEE is more than just a promotional "gimmick" for Meters / Bonwe in the summer. It has been made by Meters / bonwe Brand new meaning of "tools" and new carriers. When Meters / Bonwe brand new concept - "I am a new country" throughout the streets, we can feel Meters / bonwe are creating their own fashion belongs to the Chinese brand - the culture of their own inquiry and mining, right The re-innovation of traditional culture, Chinese-style interpretation of foreign culture. This movement is precisely related to MTEE. MTEE is a brand or product? I believe everyone on the Meters / bonwe implantation film "Transformers 2" case is no stranger to this attempt to achievements Meters / bonwe Transformers series T-shirt hot. But relying solely on a single movie for advocacy and product development clearly can not be sustained. Therefore, after working with Transformers 2, Meters / bonwe started to develop a sustainable model and MTEE came into being. In March 2010, MTEE was first released as a new product line under Meters / Bonwe with a three-year strategic cooperation agreement between Meters / Bonwe and DreamWorks. The Meters / Bonwe did not sign the image of a single film license, but the package signing. Therefore, in the summer of 2010, the cartoon images in the films "Shrek", "Kung Fu Panda", "Madagascar" and "How to Train the Dragon" are all reflected in the MTEE series. From then on, MTEE was not just a "simple copy" of "Transformers 2"; it started to operate as a separate brand that not only stimulated a new round of spending but also subtly promoted the mother Brand Meters / bonwe image. DreamWorks is only the first wave of MTEE series, followed by Meters / bonwe and Shanghai studio signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement. "Black Cat Sheriff," "My Mind," "Havoc in Heaven," the anime with traditional Chinese characteristics and nostalgia style, have successively become the targets of Meters / Bonwe's second innovation and development. Then, MTEE series and get the Sanrio company in Japan on the use of Hello Kitty image authorization. MTEE series basically established the Hollywood image, Japanese cartoon and classic Chinese nostalgic image of the three major focus direction. Since then, Meters / Bonwe has tried to create a brand new MTEE platform that incorporates more categories and trends into the new MTEE series. In 2011, MTEE series invited 10 cutting-edge designers to launch two themes of 80 nostalgia series and Shanghai Animation Studio classic animation series. At the same time, Meters / bonwe also made use of MTEE this platform, put forward a brand new brand "I am a new national product" Concept, making MTEE play a more important role - through the promotion of a single category of brand promotion to enhance the image of the parent brand and thus promote the development of other brands, Meters / bonwe this practice is confirming the phrase "unusual way ". Zhou Chengjian forever tailor + do not take the unusual way 15 years, Zhou Chengjian grow from a small tailor to the first Chinese dress, and led Metersbonwe from a small workshop in Wenzhou to become China's casual wear leader, a "China to create" Business card to the world. Metersbonwe has become a new national representative, but Zhou Chengjian still continue to actively think and act, continue to take the unusual way, to create an international element of the Chinese fashion brand and work ...... Jay Chou pop music + Chinese style as the Asian fashion King, from beginning to end insist on doing Chinese music, but also a lot of traditional Chinese music in the integration of elements, this is the "new national goods," the spirit of the embodiment. Shao Chung media leader + fashion standard Beijing Tsinghua University EMBA master's, senior publisher, columnist. Walking between culture and business, it always insists on a strong sense of mission: to improve the quality of life of the countrymen, enhance their spiritual outlook and bring them an international perspective. Bao Yimin creative master + new play As an award-winning international top master of creativity, a puzzled life mentor, package Yimin "with the world there is no underappreciation," advocate a positive attitude to do the creative spirit Even a little bit of opportunity has the potential to change one day and change the world with Chinese creativity. Lu Rong's cultural promoter + New Art vision Famous international curator, art critic, contemporary art curator. Former ICOM member, Taiwan Television Station "TTV Cultural Center" literary program host, creative director of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art and other staff. As a grandmother of four grandchildren, Lu Rong still dyed red hair and dressed in inflows, maintaining his youthful attitude and enjoying the pleasure of doing arts, passing on culture, and making activities. Chen Man light film artist + new visual cutting-edge fashion photographer, photography has repeatedly published in the fashion well-known magazine. As a new photographer after 80, Chen Man-yong breakthrough in traditional photographic technology and innovation, with light and shadow with a generation of young people operating the ideological vitality. What can be done to the extreme, this is a typical representative of the new national goods. Chen Xingru modern stylist + nostalgic fashion A new generation of Chinese version of IT GIRL leader, network Reds, new fashion stylist, magazine writers. The tide into a trend, the modern interpretation of the extreme, the originality of ideas, bold shape avant-garde, breaking the public eye. After the 80's cutting-edge stylist Chen Xingru is to use my attitude to become the representative of the new domestic goods. Dorophy Trend Illustrator + Neo-Retroism Hong Kong is a native product designer and illustrator who is especially interested in Chinese traditional design art and hailed as a new generation of figures leading the contemporary Chinese Renaissance. Like the tide also love tradition, with a handful of pen illustration art to make thought and soul through the traditional and modern, young Dorophy Tang adhere to do sex, will undoubtedly become another typical representative of new products. T-shirt popular legend 17th-century Annapolis Marina unloading tea workers often wear a short-sleeved clothes, so people from the English tea "TEA" by borrowing a "T" to call it . T shirt detonated the biggest contributor to popular, when the number of American movie star Marlon Brando. In 1951, Brandy's white T-shirt image became well-known throughout the country as A Streetcar Named Desire was seen throughout the United States. And when he was in another film "Savage" actor also dressed in T-shirts, T-shirt suddenly became a symbol of male beauty. T-shirts in China's popular, first from the 80's after the reform and opening up, also known as the cultural shirt. Because it is comfortable, casual, people can express their personality, much consumers. I am a new national product plus "new" national product resurgence has become an overwhelming fashion trend. In the course of the development of the times, the concept of "national goods" has never been forgotten, from the ancient silk, ceramics and cheongsams to the modern tunic, permanent, power-back and Shanghai watches. Today, "domestic products" enter the people's vision with a brand new look. The innovative elements added to the domestic products will enable more young people to understand the culture of their ancestors and truly turn "the memory of the age" into "universal fashion" and become Major mainstream media struggle to focus attention. Meters / bonwe is one of the national representatives of China's independent innovation. From the very beginning of brand building, we insisted on the national brand standpoint of "Adhering to the prestige of the State and promoting the prestige of the State", adhering to independent innovation, carrying forward the traditional domestic fashion spirit and integrating the global resources to provide consumers with a new fashion life experience, which is new Domestic goods. The simple authorization of the product to the "new national" spirit, it is Meters / bonwe different from other competitors brilliant. MTEE interpretation In March 2011, Meters / bonwe "new products" launching ceremony and 2011MTEE second season starting at the Shanghai headquarters debut. The launch of the new MTEE series together with the representatives of the "new domestic products" will give another creative interpretation of local elements and cultural imprints. The new season's MTEE is a comprehensive upgrade on the basis of last year, inviting 10 Chinese cutting-edge designers to launch 80 nostalgic series and Shanghai Studios classic animation series of two themes. More than a thousand models T-shirt trend of personality, in the country 3,000 Meters / bonwe stores simultaneously listed. These Chinese new generation cross-border designers from the 1980s used their keen fashion sense of smell to turn an ordinary T-shirt into a unique new national identity, full of young people's unique personality. At the same time, more than eight "new national products" spokespersons are invited. These eight spokespersons represent the leaders of various industries and bring the spirit of "I am a new national product" to every consumer through their actions and calls. Add more innovation, add more passion, add more dedication, add more fun, add more mission ... ... In the "new domestic goods" under the banner of the new season MTEE Meters / bonwe brand also added more content and culture. This is the first part of the "I am a new country" campaign. Combining "I am a new national product" with MTEE, let MTEE, a creative platform, express the connotation of "I am a new national product" from the product design aspect. Through the cooperation with Shanghai Art Film Studio and the cutting-edge fashion designers after 80, it creates a truly nostalgic style of 80, and at the same time adding innovative design concepts, MTEE truly becomes the label of "new domestic products." Media force Next, let MTEE truly rise to the height of "Everyone Loves + MTEE", bringing together many images and figures of cooperation to make consumers feel and interact with each other through different cultural expressions and elements of the trend. In terms of the media, Meters / Bonwe has expanded its network of advertisements in addition to the conventional media cooperation. It has fully mastered the characteristics of the development of the online media, oriented user experience, and utilized a diversified and hierarchical network with extensive coverage and deep experience combined Media portfolio strategy. One is to cooperate with SNS website Renren to jointly promote the new domestic product movement. There are 4 million person-times in 10 hours on line saying "support new domestic products". This data has refreshed Renren's activity data and has become a hot industry Discussion topic. Second, with the launch of Sina microblogging badge launched the "Declaration of New Products Declaration" activities, through the Weibo platform to spread the concept of new domestic products. Thirdly, at the level of Electronic Public Relation (EPR), the number of fans and the activity of microblogging have been relatively large by interacting with fans at the official microblogs of Tencent and Sina. Activity highlights The biggest highlight of activity is perception. Consumers can perceive many words related to themselves in one sentence, thus creating a sense of resonance and intimacy. The "new" and "domestic products" collision of the word, can produce a lot of creativity. For Meters / Bonwe speaking, it is the driving force for consumers to feel that they are resonating with consumers and producing what consumers like more through the "new products" idea. In addition, MTEE mode of operation has been imitated by many competitors. Meters / bonwe is not worried about these imitators and followers. Because the biggest advantage of Meters / bonwe lies in the ability of the whole supply chain to operate, that is, the strength of brand integration marketing. It is through the operation of MTEE that the entire Meters / Bonwe brand culture and connotation are linked and the development of other brands is not linked to each other Brand can do it. Just imitate the surface, can not be effectively grafted with the brand value, can not really give the brand culture, are futile. 【Advertisers Comments】 visit Metersbonwe MTEE brand manager Xie Wei "successful marketing": Will MTEE strategy in the entire Meters / bonwe company occupy what position? Xie Wei: MTEE as Meters / bonwe brand launched the first category of brand, It is a crucial step for both the company and the brand. Meters / bonwe The development and thinking of MTEE is based on a global perspective, putting the current fashion trends and social hot topics on MTEE platform and presenting it in an innovative way. The culture we want to give to MTEE is not a simple reproduction and presentation, but more of an innovative and youthful attitude. This attitude and the Meters / Bonwe brand has always insisted "not unusual way," the spirit is common, so Smith Barney everyone is willing to MTEE put forward more innovative ideas. "Successful Marketing": Is MTEE being operated as a sub-brand or just a series of products? Xie Wei: We define MTEE as the category brand of Meters / Bonwe, and "Trend, Creativity and Culture" Cognition and positioning, Smith Barney MTEE will be the future platform for more innovation and cultural exchange. "Successful Marketing": Meters / Bonwe There are other products besides MTEE. But now the feeling to consumers is that when it comes to Meters / Bonwe, think of a series of MTEE, MTEE seems to have become synonymous with its brand. Excuse me, is this not the original intention of publicity? For other products and Meters / Bonwe brand itself, how the company is doing publicity? Xie Wei: This shows that MTEE has been recognized by consumers, which we are happy to see. Meters / bonwe brand product line is divided into sports and urban fashion. So Meters / bonwe both young trendy products, but also partial fashion style products. On this basis, we then focus on the promotion of a single category, MTEE came into being. After that, Meters / Bonwe also introduced the jeans category MJeans and the down jacket category M.Polar. We hope to do a better job in a single category, in order to drive the overall brand tone. Our promotion is actually fully integrated with the product, in the promotion of the form is more like to communicate with the fashion crowd to communicate, so that everyone understand the true inner culture of MTEE. What is the creative source of "Successful Marketing": "I am a New Domestic Product"? Xie Wei: Meters / bonwe As a member of "Domestic Products", "I am a new product" actually came into being. Our products in each season Will be integrated into many Chinese elements, such as a few years ago, "National Series", "Qing Chao shoes" series, etc., all hope that through the Meters / Bonwe brand passed to everyone for the innovation and development of national culture. With these accumulation, we have reason to propose the concept of "I am a new national product."


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