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Replenishment is one of the most important functions of the buyer's work. The trick lies in the clever cooperation between “quantity” and “time”. If you make up too slow, not only will the sales stall, but replenishment has already passed the season...

A friend had opened a store on the Internet that exclusively sells high-end Apparel Accessories. Because the purchase channel is very special, the business is very prosperous from the beginning, and it is often sold short after the goods arrive. One day, when we chatted about her opening experience, she raised the issue of replenishment. According to conventional practice, she will inventory the goods every day and replenish the goods that are almost sold out. Her most troublesome problem is that sometimes the goods are sold slowly after they are made up, and the result becomes inventory; sometimes the goods are not enough, and after a few days, the goods are cut off again. She spends half of her time staring at these items but still has problems. She sighed and said: "Restocking is actually very difficult. I can only slowly explore through experience." When I asked her how to calculate the quantity of replenishment, she did not seem to have any means. I asked her, "Why is this goods made up for 20? ? 货 货 那个 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她 她

Replenishment is one of the most important functions of the buyer's work. The trick lies in the clever cooperation between “quantity” and “time”. If you make up too slow, not only will the sales stall, and replenishment to the store has been off season, it will become an inventory backlog; if the amount of compensation is too much, until the end of the season has not sold out, only discount Dealing with; This technique is worth careful consideration.


Here is an example of a brand summer product replenishment calculation method:

The first step, first of all, we collect a number of major basic values, as shown in the following table: A cumulative sales volume (from the date of the goods), B inventory quantity (stores + central warehouse), C on the cabinet date. The second step, the above cabinet date C calculates the sales week D, that is, the goods have been sold for D weeks, and then use the cumulative sales amount A divided by the sales week D, A/D=E, and then calculate The average number of sales per week for this item, E. The third step, dividing the inventory quantity B by the average weekly sales quantity E, yields the remaining inventory sales week F, B/E=F. The F value indicates that the remaining inventory can be sold for several weeks. With the F-number as a reference, it is easy to analyze whether there is a need for replenishment, how much quantity needs to be replenished, and whether the additional order is available within the time limit of the replenishment rate of the plant or supplier.

Assuming that the four item numbers in the above table are short-sleeved summer products, they have been sold separately for 5 to 8 weeks since they were shipped. It is not difficult to see that the inventory numbers of 245 and 246 are still sufficient enough to be sold for more than 5 months (20 weeks/26 weeks), which means that it is enough to support the end of summer sales, temporarily eliminating replenishment. Inventory of 247 and 248 stocks can be sold for another 2.5 months and 1 month and a half (10 weeks/6 weeks) respectively. Assuming that it is in early May, the conservative forecast is that when the goods are sold in early June, the two goods will have Breaking codes may occur one after another. The buyer expects the goods to be sold in early August, and the computer calculates the number of stocks G at the current sales rate to the beginning of August: 552 and 640 respectively. After negotiating the production cycle with the supplier and confirming that the additional order was guaranteed within four weeks, the buyer decided to replenish the 247 and 248 two product numbers. Since the temperature has remained low since March, the peak summer product sales have not yet arrived. Buyers are expected to enter the summer and will have greater demand for short-sleeved products. Therefore, the number of compensation orders for two product numbers H is magnified. To 1000 pieces and 1200 pieces.

It should be noted here that the initial sales of new products are often not stable. Generally, on the premise of seasonal development, the best time for observing sales and deciding whether to make up for a single purchase should be 2 weeks after the launch of the new product. The value reflected in this period will tend to be stable and representative. If there are no other factors, the data at this time can be used as a replenishment reference for the buyer.

Follow-up tracking:

Although my friend opened a small shop, the number of goods circulated was far less than that of large chain brand retailers, but the principle of replenishment was the same. Heared here, she could not help but admire again and again: "This is really scientific! With this method, I can replenish with confidence, but also monitor the progress of sales!" But I still repeatedly She stressed that even with the support of various statistical data, we should not blindly rely too much on data and computer statistics. The high and low tide of clothing sales is often affected by various external factors, such as the abnormal climate, the hot sales of advertising promotion, the temporary impact of popular trends, major social events, etc...

For example, in October, if the temperature drops relatively late, sales will still be sluggish a few weeks after the coat has been put on the counter. At this time, taking a price cut early will lead to a comprehensive consideration after the temperature returns to normal, combined with experience for the next few weeks. The market trend is to take appropriate and timely response measures.

Summary of this episode:

The trick for the buyer's job is to maximize the best-selling money through appropriate and timely replenishment to optimize the inventory structure. Of course, the treatment of unsalable sales must also be timely and effective, so as to promote the rapid flow of goods. However, at what point in time, the amount of goods to be filled depends entirely on the market characteristics of each brand and the logistics efficiency of brand retailers. It cannot simply apply any formula. However, there is a rule that can be followed: the more rapidly changing fashion young brands, the faster the replenishment rate, the more appropriate the amount of replenishment; the classic conservative brand, the rhythm of replenishment can be operated relatively slowly, make up The quantity of goods can also be relatively enlarged according to the actual situation

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