Iraq's beauty brand underwear development history

Iraq's beauty underwear birth course
On September 10, 1996, Wang Liru, a tough woman who never gave in, registered "Shenzhen Maya Industry Development Co., Ltd." for the first pot of gold she acquired with her two years of arduous pioneering work. From birth.
Once brilliant, several vicissitudes, more than 10 years of ups and downs and ups and downs of the baptism of Iraq has made the United States in many customers won a good reputation, but also to make Iraqi beauty into the underwear industry can not be underestimated brand.
"The chance of failure and success are equal. If one thing is done, half the chances of success will be achieved. If you do not do anything, you will not have the chance. If you persevere and do your best, you will not give up. If you fail, there will be no future Regret. "Iraq's beauty founder - Wang Liru said.
An arduous business of 3,000 yuan An accidental opportunity fifteen years ago made me (Wang Liru) have an interest in underwear. After a period of in-depth investigation, I decided to get involved in the underwear industry. At that time, I was young and had no experience in business. Began to read some books on knowledge of underwear, as well as business management, product marketing, marketing skills, customer psychology, reception of customer skills, shopping guide, store management and other aspects of the book, I believe the book's own golden house truth.
After a year of study, I think the conditions are ripe, we should break through. I firmly believe that the chances of failure and success are equal. If one thing is done, half the chances of success will be achieved. If you do not do anything, you will not have the chance. If you are persistent and do your best, never give up. Even if you fail, There will be regret.
Since the start-up, first of all, where the money and stores come from, all the money on the body only 3 thousand, I began to pay attention to some business is not very good commercial plaza, because this commercial plaza will have free store and rent will be cheaper , Finally found a clothing city in a small area, the location is not good empty storefront, the boss said rent 4,000 yuan per month, I say you have no good place to rent, I give you a month Rent, if someone to long-term rent I will move away, the boss wants anyway empty for so long have not rented out anyway, so I promised to pay 2 thousand yuan deposit, 1 thousand rent, also signed a temporary contract, I am very happy Finally, I had my own storefront. The next day, I borrowed $ 3,000 from my friends and went to the wholesale market to get into some underwear, pajamas and underpants. I also bought some simple underwear items and everything was ready.
Starting from the first day of operation, the surrounding neighbors are not optimistic about my shop, we think my shop is small, the location is not good, the product is not rich, certainly not make money. In fact, there was indeed no one entering the store just a few days after opening, but I was not discouraged because I was convinced that I would succeed. One night after a few days was about to close, a mother who wears a very ordinary child To the store, I am very warm reception of her, and later she thought my service is good, product quality is not bad, a purchase of 600 yuan of products, this is my first business in life, I am so happy.
The day after this business, I got up early at six in the morning and used the 600 yuan to replenish the wholesale market. Later, the guest brought me a lot of new guests and brought many new guests. As I learned a lot of promotional books, know how to seize the customer psychology, every customer into the shop can be traded, but also become friends with them, and gradually, the daily turnover increased to 1,000 yuan, I day after day One day, the first day of operating income to get the wholesale market at 6 o'clock the next morning to make up for some new goods not available in the store, half a month after my shop a lot of product rich, neighbors are curious why they are not Business, and my business is so good, the first month my net profit over 10,000.
After a period of time, after I analyzed the customers who came to shop in the early stage, I found that the customers in my shop preferred the brand name more than the vanity, but the purchasing power was not very high. So I changed the purchasing strategy and started to sell the brand name underwear, pajamas Manufacturers purchase, because I was cash purchase, do not invoice, so many manufacturers are willing to give me the goods, those in the department store counters priced more than 400 brand names, the supplier to my supply price will be 100 yuan, I In the store to sell 150 yuan, and my good service attitude, the second month the net profit of more than 20,000 stores.
Three months later, I opened a second branch, which was on the fourth floor of another commercial plaza, but also because the new opening was not popular. Property companies used the first year rent-free to attract tenants. As the commercial square was too large , Despite the favorable conditions or a lot of empty shops can not rent out in this environment to survive is difficult, I analyzed the location of the shop and customers, found that there are not many people into the store, but the purchasing power is quite high , And the commercial city is close to Hong Kong, there are so many people coming and going to the Mainland and Hong Kong every day. So I printed some promotional materials to go downstairs. The printed contents are all underwear and pajamas brands operated by our shop. Hong Kong is well-known, the price is also very expensive for those brands of some varieties, I only operate underwear purchase price of 30-70 yuan between some varieties, all sold 100 yuan, pajamas purchase price of 80-150 yuan between some varieties, All sold for 150 yuan, guests I pick less expensive, guests cheaper I earn a little more because the guests can not buy only one, because our marketing skills are in place, the average of each Of the guests will buy more than three, and property companies in order to enhance their visibility, but also to our store as a typical publicity in the newspaper, the title is "Shenzhen has a home 150 stores," many of the city's guests feel good after shopping , So repeat customers a day more than a day, the business is better day by day, there was a mainland newspaper guests to see the shop once to buy 17 sets of pajamas, a single turnover of 4,500 yuan, my first branch of the first Monthly net profit of more than 15,000, more than 25,000 in the second month.
Six months later, I opened my third branch, the store is a store in the mall, because they have no company, a big department store can not get in, only into these small shopping malls, the implementation of a unified cashier, the mall code Actual price, because at that time the mall brand name products is still relatively small, my product is very popular, the price is also very good sales, the store management six months after the mall owner's business is not good roll escaped and collapsed, and I therefore economically Suffered a great loss, but I did not discourage.


Two years after I opened my own shop, I earned a pot of gold worth $ 1 million in my life and also accumulated some experience in this industry.
The birth of the Iraqi beauty brand may be I too like the underwear industry, through the analysis of the underwear, pajamas industry found that more well-known brands are foreign brands or joint venture brands, but their production is in the country, the domestic underwear business only to others Earn a little OEM processing fee, but its products will be posted because it is a trademark worth a hundred times. So, I have the idea of ​​wanting to own my own brand.
After a period of preparation, I registered Shenzhen Floydia Industrial Development Co., Ltd. and "Iraq's beauty" trademark, until now I also clearly remember to get the business license of the time is September 10, 1996.
After registering the company and trademark, I opened a professional underwear, pajamas factory. Since I started as a terminal customer, I better understand the importance of product quality, know more about the suitability of products and customers, better understand the needs of the market, what services the terminal needs, and how to make the store earn money. Since the beginning of the United States because of Iraq's small factory size, talented managers and skilled workers please come, we had to dig a lot of money, so I asked the staff are the industry's elite, and I always daily One to the factory and the last to leave the factory, every process of the product I personally grasp, each new product is first-line salesperson to try out, and secondly in the self-service store test, and finally according to the test results to assess whether the new product batch Production and marketing. With various measures to ensure that the factory can produce high quality products.
But how to sell after the product is the key, just started because of their own shop is still relatively small, we had Yi Iraq's products into a number of underwear stores and large shopping malls consignment, by my company to send promoters, the end of the month payment Pin the end, the factory also received some foreign trade orders, as long as you believe that the principle of making money everyone did not do something unsuccessful, a year later Iraq's beauty underwear in the country reached more than 20 counters, but also have a certain market Share, in the unremitting efforts of all staff, Iraq's United States within two years established four agents and 50 self-employed counters, while the foreign trade business also has good development.
Many domestic underwear business owners are working in other underwear business, conditions are ripe, please a few workers, buy several machines, some underwear processing orders, with a certain amount of funds accumulated, please help a bunch of people packaging brand, Doing business to join, they know very well about the underwear production process, but the management of the terminal is still relatively scarce, powerful enterprises can also ask professional managers to plan, no strength of the company can only rely on salesman to use some unfair Means to deceive customers, they are only concerned about how many franchisees can recruit a year, and how much of his franchisee to make money, how much loss, how much down does not care.
Several ups and downs, how many dedication to the development of speed, I was doing underwear, pajamas at the same time in 2001 also developed the women's and men's clothing , but also tightened the company's capital chain. In 2002, due to various reasons, the company struggled, and finally reluctantly give up the men's and women's business, to return to the franchise underwear industry. And, for the sake of the company's development, I decided to sell the shares. The new shareholders and I were friends for many years. Therefore, we cooperated without a contract for one year. In 2003, I was forced to get involved because of the disagreement on the distribution of benefits Two and a half years of lawsuits, the other malicious complaints led to the company was seized by the Inland Revenue Department (the Inland Revenue Department verified three months after the innocence of our company), there is no tax can not receive payment, the factory closed, some assets not seized Some workers stole some of the money received by the salesman according to their own, agents began to evade payment, unsustainable normal operations, shopping malls counters have withdrawn, due to the contract did not reach all the deposit and decoration costs Too often, those days may be the most painful day in my life, I even thought of death, but to see the old mother and young children, never give up not easily shed a tear, but I heartfelt Cried. . . . . .
In my heart, the company is my son, how bad it is for the mother who has lost her children, and I believe the mother in the world knows best, so I will not give up, nor give up, nor will I sink down. I secretly decided that the rest I have a company that has to keep going. Think of the time when a man started from scratch. Now there is at least a house, a car, a son, a rich life experience and some coworkers willing to share hardships and difficulties with me. Although the company has no money now, There is no debt, I have no reason to fall down, life has always been ups and downs, how can I see the rainbow without going through the storm, as long as there is wisdom and a strong body, there is no fate, the matter of lawsuits I also aside, because I believe Law is fair, the next day I wear one of my favorite clothes, but also specially dressed a bit, so as to be able to make myself more confident, came to the only Iraq left the United States stores, which all the shelves And products have been removed, I stayed in the store for a bell, because the store is more remote, the door of pedestrians rarely business has been Not good, I think it is to continue operating or moving away, if tens of thousands of deposit is removed there is no way to get another rental and the deposit, renovation costs, after thinking I decided to continue operating, I immediately to the warehouse The useful shelves removed from the mall moved to the store, after careful arrangement feel good, the next day the warehouse inventory products moved to the store clearance, then just in mid-September, but also the cotton pajamas Sales season, I follow my early start-up 150 yuan store experience, I posted posters at the door, the store price of 30-50 yuan Iraq's US cotton pajamas all for only 50 yuan, the effect is quite good, during this period, I have opened three stores in succession, due to the limited stock of the company, then I think of the acquisition of inventory pajamas, underwear, so I went to the major Web site acquisition information, a few days time to buy 1000 sets of foreign pajamas, 25 yuan / sets, I Also sold 50 yuan, although the larger size, but the quality, fabric, workmanship is very good, so a store also sold more than 50 sets a day, up to once received a large-scale professional pajamas plant in Zhejiang 10,000 sets of pajamas, the other requires a one-time purchase, a set of 12 yuan, a total of 120,000, many businesses want but there is no funding, but also afraid to sell more defectives, I immediately look past the goods, that product fabric, quality , Workmanship is very good, and many are well-known international brands, the Asian size is very suitable, I put all the goods on the spot sent back to Shenzhen, and all 50 yuan / set sold, four months after all sold out, net profit reached 400000. All my friends are considered miracles, may be their own sincerity, kindness to God touched, give me a chance to get up again. I use these funds to set up eight self-operated stores within two years. At the same time, I also set up Yimei's R & D center. Most of the products are outward processing and sales mainly based on foreign trade. Some of the products are sold in their own stores.
In October 2006, the lawsuit waiting for two years finally got the result. I was victorious. The judge said you could demand that the other party compensate you for the loss. I also thought of seeking compensation, but I may have experienced too much dear, I More advocating a real dull life, more concerned about the health and safety of the family, family harmony and happiness. So I have no claim, I hope I can spend more time on my career, I know there will be a hard line on the future but there must be a rainbow.
The turmoil made me realize this: the road to go step by step, no matter what we must be persistent, not to give up.
See the rainbow after the storm because they do not give up, because a dedication, today's Iraqi beauty underwear has become an underwear industry can not be underestimated brand, with its own production plant, distribution centers, shopping malls, experienced product designers, high-quality marketing staff And first-class management team, Iraq's beauty is willing to work with all the friends who are willing to join the underwear industry to grow together.

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