April dress fashion trends show a good figure

Leading Word: After the Ching Ming Festival, the summer is coming! The dresses that most show the temperament of the girls have become the MMs who will lose their popularity in the summer. The trend of the early summer dresses in 2012 did you know? The answer let the Xiaobian announce for you. , guaranteed to allow you to wear a nice body in sunny April!

四月穿衣流行趋势 连衣裙大秀好身材(图1)

Micro-slim pierced shoulder chiffon dress

Do not mind the pierced bare shoulder design, revealing the girl's small sexy. Lace trim and chiffon in the neckline and skirt are elegant and elegant. The straight-breasted decoration allows the overall texture to be enhanced, and the romantic pink line up the skin.

四月穿衣流行趋势 连衣裙大秀好身材(图2)

Butterfly pocket stitching dress

The elegant and chic design of the stars on the skirts makes the butterflies on both sides look cute and sweet. Imitation of two pieces of color design not only practical wear, thin effect is not to mention.

四月穿衣流行趋势 连衣裙大秀好身材(图3)

Embroidered fluffy flower tuxedo dress

Slightly puffed tulle has exquisitely embossed embroidery on the surface and is exquisitely fine. Flowery hem romantic and sweet, the ribbon at the waist can both waist and tie a cute bow Oh!

四月穿衣流行趋势 连衣裙大秀好身材(图4)

French fringe lace lace chiffon dress

Stitching the shoulders and styling the shape of extravagance can also sculpt the arm lines, and the chiffon is light and elegant, instantly creating an elegant beauty.

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