Home Textiles 3.15: How to identify the authenticity of the project

In 2012, China Consumers Association set the theme of “3·15 International Consumer Rights Protection Day” as “Consumption and Security” and proposed “protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers and improving the consumption environment” is the common responsibility of the whole society. So, in terms of the home textile industry, how should we safeguard our rights? In the face of the domestic home textile brand's franchise route, there are also some companies that are confusing, how should we prevent it?

Teach you a few tricks:

1. Try to search for the name of the project with the name of the liar in Baidu (). If no complaints are found, basically the project can be trusted. If there are many complaints, it is a liar. It is applicable to any project. This is a basic judgment.

2. Liar companies generally use, inductive, use the method of kitten hook fish to lead you. For example, giving small gifts, reducing the initial fee, returning cash, returning renovation fees, etc. When these situations arise, you have to be careful!

3. Be sure to look at the production workshop (or factory) where you are ready to join the brand, and their warehouse! No matter how far they say the site and the warehouse, you must check it out! You can count it like this: Is it ridiculous to go tens of thousands of dollars, or spend a few hundred tolls to see it?

This piece of cheese in the home textile market, you want to try it, but don't know where to start, then the Chinese affiliate network teaches you how to choose a few brands, call to consult:

1. Detailed conditions for joining, franchise fee, and margin.

2. What is the total investment of a franchise store? What is the annual sales volume?

3. Detailed product introduction, specific product information and price list.

4. Is it also responsible for local advertising and expenses?

5. What is the decoration of the store? How much liquidity does it take to open a store?

6. How to calculate the rebate of the company?

7. What is the company's branding plan?

8. What are the policies in the off-season?

9. What collaboration is provided after opening?

10. How much does it cost to purchase the first batch, and what is the discount rate of the purchase? How many times do you order each year? Is there any guarantee for replenishment?

11, how about the return rate? Is the season 100% replacement? Is the national uniform price? What is the discount for the season? How is the distribution method? How to calculate the freight?

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