Kyrgyzstan’s garment production has risen fivefold

Last year, Kyrgyzstan’s garment industry reached 6 billion som, a five-fold increase from the previous year, and Kyrgyzstan’s President Almaz Buick. Atambayev said.

In attending the opening ceremony of the 6th International "Fashion Industry: Products and Equipment - 2012" exhibition, President Atambayev said that Kyrgyzstan’s garment exports increased by 10 times in 2011.

President Atambayev said that the government will support the national garment sector. He added that Kyrgyzstan’s accession to the CIS Customs Union will once again push the development of light industry in Kyrgyzstan, including the clothing sector. The CIS Customs Union includes Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In Kyrgyzstan, there are 150,000 people engaged in the textile and clothing industry, the Minister of Industry and Energy said.

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