Do not wear snow boots for driving in winter

[This site - Dr. Shoe] winter frost, fog, ice and more, low temperatures, the environment is complex, has a greater impact on traffic safety. The traffic police department reminded the drivers that in the case of relatively poor driving conditions in winter, they must pay attention to the small details of driving and create a safe travel environment.

Should not wear snow boots to drive

You can't wear high heels for driving. This is common sense for female drivers. However, not all flat shoes are suitable for driving. The traffic police reminded female drivers that wearing a snow boot might have a potential safety hazard.

Snow boots are thick soles, wide heads, the entire foot area is generally up to 3 cm thick, step on the strength is actually used in the soles, the intensity will be greater than their perception. So when you drive, you feel that you step on it and you don’t find the feeling of stepping on the accelerator.

When an emergency occurs during driving, the driver's first reaction is to release the accelerator pedal. However, because the snow boots are relatively bulky and inflexible, they are easy to get stuck on the pedals and cannot step on the brakes. (This site - the most authoritative and most professional footwear information center)

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