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Yantai Inari apparel is a limited liability company with independent brands, design, research and development and marketing planning. It owns three key production departments: production technology center, design and R & D center and marketing planning center. It has a group of high-level and high-level professional Technical personnel, to ensure efficient operation of the company production. Company's product design trends followed by Japan and South Korea. Integration of deep Eastern culture. Efforts to create outstanding personality of paddy clothing, the application of environmentally friendly fabrics, fashion style, wearing comfortable and other excellent quality and unique style, the "Inva" children's wear clothing well into the children's wear industry's well-known brands. Today, "business is difficult to do" has become a "mantra" in business. The clothing industry, the induction of the main reasons are the following: 1. Is the competition between peers on the market malicious, shoddy, fight the price, salesman irresponsible business advocacy. Second, the middle part of the circulation of goods too much, the factory → a wholesale → two wholesale, layers of "skinning" to shrink the profit margins of retailers; Third, inventory backlog of goods led to the reduction of capital turnover. In response to the above problems, Yantai Inva costume design planning Co., Ltd. based on the principle of mutual benefit and win-win and common development, based on more than 20 years of marketing experience, summed up to create a "shop before the factory" -style business model to reduce The profits of many intermediate areas of exploitation, to expand profit margins, more for the benefit to customers. Mission: honest and trustworthy solidarity and cooperation with the times and common development "there is a competitive vitality, there is cooperation trust! We will warmly welcome every customer, be cordial, polite, honest, patient answer the correct product performance and its Price Advisory. To ensure that every customer get a satisfactory answer. First, the quality and security commitments: to ensure the original sales, to eliminate the sale of counterfeit and shoddy goods, once found, fake a penalty ten. Second, the price of quality commitment: , Refused to fraud. Third, responsible for the commitment: If found product quality problems, the company promised unconditional return, except for human causes. National Toll Free: Business Phone: Company QQ: Company Address: Yantai City, 30 outlets on the 9th home page: http://daowatongzhuang.cn.alibaba.com

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