Royal baby help "charity wardrobe charity dinner"

On November 20, 2011, "Charity Cloth Charity Fund" launched by CCTV host Ma Hongtao and Wang Kai held a grand "Love Nth Power" Far East Charity Auction Dinner in Beijing for the meeting of Huining, Gansu, Liangshan , Guizhou, Guizhou, southwest and other poor primary school students raise money for the children made to protect the winter cold winter clothes. Royal Baby as a loving wardrobe full supporters, out of time and people took part in a charity dinner. The dinner party sparkling stars attracted political, entertainment, sports, business celebrities participation. A piece of wonderful and precious lottery, so that a warm atmosphere throughout the dinner, climax after another. Royal Baby Chairman Mr. captured $ 308,000 worth of blue and white porcelain earrings brought by jewelery design guru Ren Jin. All proceeds will be donated to the children who need help. According to the "Love Wardrobe Fund" volunteer introduction, Gansu Huining County, Sichuan Daliangshan and Guizhou Qianxinnan children need a total of about 350,000 winter clothes. After nearly six hours of auction, the auction site auction all the auction price of 532 million 2030 yuan. It is reported that love closet in just a few months, the influence of soaring, numerous untold love people in this public service platform reached out to aid. In response to the goodwill of the wardrobe of love, Royal Baby, in cooperation with the Xiamen Charity Federation, plans to donate millions worth of materials to the poor in the western part of the country to care for the poor children and repay the society. Previously, the Royal Baby held a five-day Weibo solidarity campaign on "Love Far Eastern Farming Charity Auction Dinner" on Sina's mobile platform, which attracted the attention of the majority of users.

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