Han Weini fashion princess dress sweet fresh goddess Fan

The princess in fairy tales always enjoys the love of many children. Perhaps, every little girl who loves dreaming has a castle in her head. Little princess living in the castle, wearing a different princess dress every day, the United States and the United States to participate in forest parties ... ... Each of our girls are princess, you can choose their favorite princess dress, so Ma Ma, summer vacation Is it time for the little princesses to get out and play clothes ready? Mesh three-dimensional flower design, romantic fashion, nets net yarn, bring the fluffy sense of the drape, bow ribbon bow, even more princess beautiful physique, strapless strap design, in the selection of a pair of pink big bow single shoes , Let the little princess look fresh and elegant, charming and pleasant. Soft lace fabric to bring comfort to the princess care, pleated skirts elegant and agile, white and mint color design, in this hot summer is the coolest color combination, mint thin belt, not only was thin And elongated leg lines, so that the princess more adorable temperament. Picture credit: Han Vini Kids

Glass Strap

  • One size fits - Our sunglasses strap is designed to hold glasses or sunglasses tightly when they fall by attaching them to the neck so they hang comfortably on the chest or on the top of the head when not in use.
  • Daily use - Glasses strap is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose between indoor and outdoor activities such as running, fishing, cycling or playing tennis.
  • Materials - Our lightweight breathable padded neoprene material offers comfort and simplicity for enjoying the great outdoors with a fast and quick drying system when the straps get sweaty, dirty or wet.

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