New Year's red flavor makes your New Year "fire" from the inside out

Red, warm and happy, always fascinated. It can mature charming, but also youthful, of course, you can boldly avant-garde, no matter what the texture, light or dark color, tailoring and design, red can hold the gas field, we seem to have no reason not to love red.

Spring Festival is slowly approaching, the color around is slowly being replaced by red. Fall in love with the name of the New Year, so lucky, warm and passionate will be around you!

Red "lucky" taste

Red - to bring you a fantastic beauty chest experience

华歌尔 - Wacoal

New Year always want to wear beautiful clothes, then quickly add a set of Wacoal for yourself! The use of the classic version of the chest to gather together to enhance the moment showed the ultimate convergence, three-dimensional abundance of wearing effect. Harvest from the inside out Feng Ting gesture to create a golden ratio of beauty!

Red - to bring you the perfect tempting lines

新年里的红色味道 让你新春由内而外“火”起来

Although the gradual thickening of the clothes, but the body can not disappear curve it ~ choose the deep V design instantly create the sexy woman dreamed cleavage, easy to shape the attractive plump breasts curves, underwear applique lace, glittering in the Smart to show gorgeous feelings, For this beautiful light to add magnificent Fanghua.

Red - to bring you a luxurious sexy LOOK

新年里的红色味道 让你新春由内而外“火”起来

Of course, the New Year reward yourself nothing wrong!

In the beginning, the luxurious red sexy lighted visual feast. Chest flowers curl bloom, condensed Chun Chun illusion turned into love and blessing, to attract him to stop the eyes. Chest magnificent light more reflects the most extravagant sexy lure, bright shine the sweet night time.

Red "warm" flavor

新年里的红色味道 让你新春由内而外“火”起来

Traditional red me more shirt suppress monotonous, do not meet your fashion aesthetic? Dear, do not worry! Wacoal Hongyun series adds a stylish design sense, neckline and cuff lace more in line with women's preferences, let you winter warm and coy, with the beauty of the inner warmth of winter!

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