Warmly Celebrate the Establishment of the Top 10 Lingerie Brands in China—— Xiuyi Underwear Guangxi Operation Center

Warmly celebrate the top ten underwear brands in the country - Xiuling underwear establishment Guangxi operation center! This is an important step in the development of Xiuyi underwear, and it is also an important step for Xiuhe to start the brand battle!

Show Wo underwear was established in 2006 in the beautiful West Lake, after eight years of precipitation, to become the industry leader, in the lingerie industry shine!

With the increasing number of shops in Xiuyu underwear, Guangxi is increasingly embodying the urgency of establishing an operation center in Guangxi. In order to better serve the stores opened in Guangxi, but also to better carry out the regional joining investment, improve the post-maintenance of franchise stores, so that franchisees to enjoy the nearest service, to ensure logistics.

Now the preparatory work for the Guangxi Operations Center has been successfully completed. It is officially responsible for the daily investment, joining, and maintenance of franchise stores in the Guangxi region. The Guangxi Operations Center is located in Ludu Commercial Building, 131 Minsheng Road, Nanning. Welcome all franchisees and friends come to visit!

Show Wo underwear Operations Center

Zhejiang Operations Center

Shanghai Operations Center

Hubei Operations Center
Hunan Operations Center
Sichuan Operations Center
Henan Operation Center
Guizhou Operations Center
Jiangsu Operation Center

Yunnan Operations Center

Jiangxi Operations Center

Guangxi Operations Center

Xiexi underwear set up operations centers around the aim of providing better and better services nearby, and helping franchisees solve their problems!

Show Wo underwear, worthy of your choice! !

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