What to wear in spring? According to Mi Nuo 2015 spring striped T-shirt

What to wear in spring? The most practical spring models, long-sleeved T-shirt deserved it! T-shirt is the favorite dress of young MM, 15 spring is no exception. Striped T-shirt is undoubtedly one of the strongest elements in the fashion circle, wearing infinite sense of extension, and countless possibilities and dramatic jumping in bright or dark, or colorful or prime intervals, making It is full of elements of incitement, giving unlimited reverie.

EMINU " Mi Meng slave " 2015 spring striped T-shirt, simple and highlight the fashion, whether it is single wear or outside ride, a simple and practical section of the T-shirt, in this warm spring, easy to help you solve all the problems, show Out of fashion charm.

依米奴 - EMINU

EMINU "by m slave" Spring Women : Striped T-shirt + denim short paragraph

Recommended reason: This blue and white long-sleeved t-shirt is a classic one, the short section of the design can improve the upper and lower body proportions, with a slim short paragraph jeans, was high and casual casual, so you how to look are foreign Oh.


EMINU "by m slave" Spring Women: Striped T-shirt + Slim trousers

Recommended reason: loose version, loose lines, do not pick the body is very thin Oh. For the overweight MM, is undoubtedly the most suitable one. Simple with shorts is very casual fashion. Cool day, directly with self-cultivation trousers, stylish atmosphere.


EMINU "by m slave" Spring Women: Striped T-shirt + jeans trousers

Recommended reason: Korean striped long-sleeved T-shirt, fashionable, this spring is worth having a beauty clothes Oh! The use of the most popular stripe elements, short Slim design will be given a simple T-shirt dynamic and youthful vitality, with shorts and pants are very stylish atmosphere, a very useful combination of charm.

Reminder: Nowadays, the spring of 2015 has been one after another in the EMINU "by Minato" major stores listed in the country, you quickly added to their own spring fashion now!

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