Amoy brand Han Du clothing push middle-aged ladies brand Han Yun Yi Xiang

August 28 news, it is understood that South Korea's clothing store CEO Zhao Yingguang said Handu clothing house's seventh sub-brand "Hmadam Han Yun Yi Xiang" has already begun trial operation, will be officially promoted after the Spring Festival in 2014.

It is reported that Han Yun Yixiang brand is located in the Korean wind middle-aged clothing, the core customers are 45 to 55-year-old women are currently in the company is a growing seed brand. The brand also puts the “temperature for love for moms” as a brand slogan.

Zhao Yingguang revealed to Yibang Power Network that Han Yunyi will cooperate with the top three middle-aged women's brands in South Korea. Korean brand manufacturers provide design and are currently responsible for production. Handu clothing stores need to pay the design costs and production costs and appropriate additional fees to Korean brand owners.

In the future, Han Yunyi will establish its own production line. Zhao Yingguang said that the brand can operate in three ways: first, independent design and independent production; second, purchase design and independent production; and third, purchase design and follow orders. Han Yunyi may use a variety of operating methods in combination.

Zhao Yingguang said that the reason for the development of the brand is that due to the lack of a sense of design and fashion in middle-aged and old-aged clothing in China, the style is conservative and the quality needs to be improved. While China is now gradually entering an aging society, this market will become bigger and bigger.

“We want to be a fashionable mid-to-high-end brand. The price is higher than the middle-aged and old-age clothing on the market. What's more important is that we pay more attention to quality and quality is much better.” Zhao Yingguang introduced the average price of Han Yunyi’s spring and autumn clothes. About 200 to 300 yuan, 150 to 200 yuan in summer clothes, and 300 yuan in winter clothes.

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