Amber: from the essence of ancient times


Amber is the oldest and most interesting accessory in the world. It is a precious natural organic gemstone formed after tens of millions of years. In the dense jungle of ancient times, when the rosin slowly flows down from the tree pole, some insects and other small creatures are stuck, so the amber is invisible to the naked eye. Ancient microbes, and occasionally well-preserved biological specimens are preserved. It is because the formation of amber itself originates from the living body, so it is born with spirituality, and those opaque ambers become amber beeswax.

Polish amber is famous for its fine and pure texture, bright and transparent, and its colors and patterns are varied and without repetition. Because there is only one in this amber world! Amber is a perfect place to be a token of love between the lovers. Poland is located in the middle of Europe and is known as the crossroads of Europe. Therefore, the combination of Polish amber styles brings together the styles of Europe, North and South, and always stands at the tide of European amber jewelry design. It is truly endless. Chest drop, bracelet, brooch... all kinds of accessories are dazzling.

Like gems, amber also uses size, transparency, color, etc. as a criterion for judging value. At present, the investment value of amber is more than 50 grams to 100 grams, and requires good quality and high clarity.

The color of amber is also very important. Among the various ambers, golden golden amber and blood red amber are the best collections. Many merchants often use artificial gold amber and high temperature baked blood amber to swindle collectors for profit. When you buy amber, you should pay attention to the distinction. Secondly, try to choose a larger amber when choosing amber. The bigger the amber value, the higher the price and the higher the collection price. For collectors and investors, the more inclusive amber is worth collecting, the rarer the animals or plants in amber are, the easier it is to impress the collector. Some amber will form some special content and scenery in the process of natural formation. This natural beauty is unavoidable, and such amber is worthless.

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