White agate identification method

How can friends avoid the phenomenon of fake white agate on the market? Today Xiaobian solves this problem for friends, that is, from the understanding of the white agate identification method...


White agate identification method

1, color

The true agate color is bright and bright, and the color and light of the fake agate are both poor. The contrast between the two is more obvious. The natural red agate is well-defined in color and the strips are very visible. Careful observation reveals densely arranged small red spots at the red strips. The fake agate smokers made of stone imitation are mostly petal-shaped at the bottom, forming a "chrysanthemum bottom"; while the dyed blue agate is bright and uniform, giving a false feeling.

2, texture

The fake agate is mostly imitation of stone, which is softer than the real agate. The jade can be traced on the fake agate, but the real thing can not be drawn. On the surface, there are few flaws in the real agate, and there are more inferior qualities.

3, process quality

The production process of high quality high agate is strict and advanced, so the surface brightness is good, the setting is firm, the circumference is positive, no scratches or cracks.

4, level

The water agate is the most precious variety in agate, characterized by a closed cavity in the agate containing water. All grades of agate are best in red, blue, purple and pink, and require transparency, no impurities, no sand, no cracks. Among them, those with a weight of 4.5 kg or more are special, and those with a weight of 1.5 kg or more are one. Grade, 0.5-1.5 kg is secondary.


5. Transparency

True agate transparency is not as good as synthetic, slightly chaotic, and some can see natural water lines or "clouds", while synthetic agate has good transparency and is as transparent as glass balls.

6, weight

True agate jewelry is heavier than synthetic agate jewelry.

7, temperature

The real agate is warm in winter and cool in summer, while the synthetic agate changes with the outside temperature. It heats up in the heat of the day, and it cools in the cold.

The above describes the identification methods of the color, texture, craft quality, grade, transparency, weight and temperature of the white agate. I believe that as long as the friends have a good understanding, I believe that when you buy the white agate again, you will also Don't worry anymore!

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