JZ 玖 女装 女装 Women won the "2014 Ruili Iraqi fashion model brand" award

Recently, the trend-setting magazine Ruilii People Fashion, which is dedicated to providing fashionable dressing guides for urban white-collar workers, has held a “Rui Yi’i Fashion Variety” in Beijing in the theme of “Fashion Achievement Model”. Yang Gongru, Liu Ye, Zhang Hao and other famous artists have come to help.

“2014 Ruili Yi People Fashion Night” aims to define the 2014 most fashionable sample cards and role models, to represent professional women in China, and to praise the great contribution made by fashion brands to Chinese professional women from the outside to the inside.

Women's fashion brand JD Shining has been awarded the “Fashion Model Brand” award for fashion women's brand for urban women and has been awarded by the “Fashion All-Star” Liu Ye and the “Fashion Star” brand Sun Ye. The unique spirit of independence and harmony and different self style.

When the time is up to the United States, JZ Zanzi believes that in the passage of time, the beauty of women can be fully bloomed. After 14 years of sedimentation, JZ Minzi will exemplify the exemplary brand, discover the loyalty genes that are faithful to oneself, and take the example of an example to promote the cultural shaping of fashion trends.

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