Collect jade bracelets with a long-term perspective

The jade bracelet belongs to the highest value of jade jewelry, and it is also the most worthy collection. However, we must have a long-term vision when we use the jade bracelet purely as a collection, because the collection is different from usual, and the investment funds are also very large. Therefore, the long-term vision is very important. For example, the jade bracelet worn by ordinary people must be found to meet their own size, but the jade bracelet used for collection can be ignored.

In addition, in the past, people think that the green jade bracelet is very rare, but it is also impossible to ask. Since ancient times, in addition to the royal family, few people can bring green jade bracelets. If the collection keeps horns, it only pursues. Green jade bracelets, while dismissive of other jade bracelets, may miss many valuable jade bracelets.

Car DVR Lens Series

Car projector lens enterprises and lidar enterprises also ushered in a cooperative boom.As vehicle-mounted lens is an important part to support the operation of lidar, the expansion of lidar demand is conducive to the development of vehicle-mounted lens market.According to experts, under the background that some lidar enterprises will reach mass production and commercial layout, the cooperation opportunity between lidar enterprises and leading companies in the car lens industry arises at the historic moment.With the advanced research and development technology of the leading company in the car lens industry, the stability of the car lens quality can be guaranteed.

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