Deep V gather-type underwear revealing the temptation of the most sexy intoxicants

Women can not be beautiful, but we must know how to decorate themselves, choose a suitable underwear , show off their sexy. Let elegant charm distributed from the bones, inadvertently let a man deeply impressed.


Figure: British beauty underwear

Unique style of design, exquisite three-dimensional tailoring, high-end atmosphere of the fabric, coupled with exquisite lace embroidery, finishing touch decoration, shaping full and firm chest, revealing the temptation of the depths of sexy intoxicants, to create a charming visual effects, the sexy woman Fully demonstrated.

深V聚拢型内衣 流露性感醉人的深度诱惑

Figure: British beauty underwear

Deep V-shaped cup design, so deep cleavage looming, with wide collar or V-neck clothing, staged the most ambiguous temptation of the vague; purple purple texture design, cover showing the noble, charming, proud, mysterious side; Heart embellishment chicken heart, delicate and delicate, revealing a female intellectual charm.

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