Hong Kong understands the rich color of brand underwear elegant art

In the eyes of everyone looking forward to Hong Kong underwear 2012 spring and summer new products finally came out grand! This season, experience underwear will be the classical Chinese flavor and the Western advanced production technology perfect blend of special launch of Po Lu Hua, Jinghua edge, static Chi Mei and other ink painting style series, but also on behalf of fashion oriental impression of Peony Ting series, in the exquisite Under the fabric exposed thick Oriental temperament!

香港體會品牌内衣 丰富的色彩优雅的艺术

A hereditary heritage that allows Hong Kong to experience the talent of fashion and professional, underwear research women understand the physical analysis, is committed to discover the beauty of women's body, shaping the perfect female sensual curve, designed to fit the curves of the undergarment of the human body products. Hong Kong Experience brand underwear keen on the United States to explore, always walk in the forefront of the trend, from classic pop art to the Italian style of minimalist art, and then fresh pastoral style and retro style, continue to draw inspiration from design, and then use Soft silk, caring cotton, romantic all-lace and rich color bred shape, exudes feminine atmosphere, throbbing underwear fashion !

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