Meeting Eurasian women's brand to create an international brand

Founded in 1991, Chengdu Jinlan Fashion Co., Ltd. has developed into a large and medium-sized "famous garment enterprise" that has been influential in Sichuan and even southwest China since its establishment of "Garment Processing Workshop" in the past 20 years. The company Its women's brand " Meeting Eurasia ", "Gaussian snow Arashi." Company Bingzhe "brand, specialization, standardization," "honest and trustworthy, to take credit" to nurture, development, demand-oriented brand concept, has been in a sustained and stable development. Two brands of winter down jacket, summer dress products by the market nearly tempered can be said: well-known.


The company passed ISO9001, 2000 international quality management system and the state certification of eco-fiber products certification, and China Down Industry Association member units, product development, manufacturing and sales as one, with a number of senior fashion designer, first-class Plate-making division, all imported well-known brand of hardware equipment, including Japan's "brother", Germany "Duke Pu", and the application of "CAD" advanced systems, the development of more than 1,000 models in the years sales in Sichuan since the production and marketing of the first three.

汇欧亚品牌女装 争创国际品牌

On March 23, 2010, at the "China Apparel Expo" held in Beijing, the 2010 list of Chinese apparel-growing brands created by the China Textile Industry Association was promulgated in Beijing. There were 74 apparel brands and 14 apparel professional markets for the first time Obtained the title of "Chinese clothing growth brand" and "Chinese clothing brand incubation base". Chengdu "Gaussian snow Lan", "Meeting Eurasia" down jacket brand was named "China's best growing brand." This signifies that the development of the Euro-Asia brand in the past five years has been recognized by the country and the industry and a solid step has been taken on the road of regional brand development to the national brand.

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