Asciano brand women's pieces are the classic style

Aslan Slavery Clothing Co., Ltd is set design and development, OEM production and sales in a body specialized women's apparel business. Since the establishment of the company in 2005, after four years of temperament sharpening, in the fierce competition in the market come to the fore, Aspen has become China's famous brand of women's clothing. Looking back, Achishu experienced a leapfrog leap-forward development, with a small change every year and a drastic change in three years.


The company specializes in women's fashion apparel, including women's fashion, accessories and bags. The company has excellent team of designers, advanced management and professional marketing team, in the pursuit of diversification of products, a single variety of refined at the same time, the company uses a diversified mode of operation, mainly divided into monopoly dealers and brand agents .

雅诗奴品牌女装  件件都是经典的款式

Aspire slave clothing consumer groups located in the 18-38 year-old women, these modern women have a high cultural accomplishment, the pursuit of popular things, confident and strong, good at discovering and enjoying the United States. Designers to cotton, linen, natural silk fabrics, the combination of fashion and urban beauty, with feminine design elements, simple and soft .Designer Taste the modern woman crave romance, nostalgia for the pure state of mind, the pursuit of the design Concise and stylish resonance, to show elegant, casual, beautiful style is the design concept of Aspen slave, with its classic style, creating a highly personalized knowledge of women's self-confidence, elegant image and after 90 youth, beautiful, free and easy Romantic innocence.

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Bamboo Joint Cotton Yarn

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