How to make the national brand consumers no longer "extravagant"?

Throughout our clothing market, most are occupied by overseas brands. Our state-owned brands generally lack the brand's competitiveness and are hard-pressed to compete with foreign brands. Sportswear, women's wear and men's wear all present such a situation that the high-end market is basically completely occupied by foreign brands. Only a few domestic brands can only hover in the mid-to-high-end market at the most, and the existing market is in jeopardy. Everyone knows the huge amount of high-end consumer groups among our 1.4 billion people. Why do we not do our home market on the contrary? In your daily life, you must have encountered such a situation: If you spend eight hundred yuan to buy a domestic brand of clothes, usually someone will stand up and despise you: "spend so much money can buy a certain brand, why Buy this! "Of course, a certain brand is definitely a foreign country. In other words, if the same foreign clothes brand the same as the domestic brand price, it is undoubtedly the majority of foreign goods are selected. On the surface, the most effective competition for domestic brands is to reduce the price. Many people commented that this is because Chinese people are frivolous, so it is hard for domestic brands to compete with foreign brands. However, its fundamental view, not also. Why do people buy clothes overseas preferred brand? The first is because the rapid development of China's garment industry, while the chaos within our own industry can be described as a mixed bag, most businesses see only the short-term interests, so naturally ignore a lot of details, resulting in product quality, service discount. Over time, credibility down to the critical point, the customer abandoned naturally. Domestic brands completely disappointed, when overseas brands to seize this opportunity have entered China, even in their native hard-to-come brand to China has been exaggerated sought after. Because when people completely lose their trust in a carrier, they will inevitably make a new choice. We have lost our markets simply because of the initial distrust. However, how hard it is to rebuild credibility may be more difficult than ever to rebuild trust. We must also erase the existing shadows and add new colors. However, the current market conditions have begun to improve. We can see a new generation of entrepreneurs are no longer so rigid, like some just established clothing brand, they carefully analyze the market, and put more energy into product quality and service requirements to make the product impeccable, Require excellence. This is a good start, perhaps starting to make the earth happy. Of course, to do the brand, this is a must, before the brand must have a reliable product. Then re-analysis of overseas brands into China after the process of stabilizing the market, you will find that domestic brands to compete with them, just doing a good job is far from enough. Each brand has just been put on the market, we must first take advantage of the product or price advantage to grab the first chance, and in expanding the market, infiltrating the brand image, so that enjoys popular support. Once the market is ripe, it can make good use of its already pervasive brand image to stabilize the market and never change easily because changing the brand image is even more terrifying than changing one's values. When it comes to brand image, you have to work hard on brand planning. From the pre-brand positioning, including the image has been set up to promote the brand must be part of a closely linked to the development of its positioning, be sure to achieve precise marketing positioning, only the more accurate to understand the customer, only the young men's affirmative More understanding than clients, both men, women and children. Some enterprises just because the original brand positioning ambiguous, leading to today's products, brands do not like the embarrassing situation, it is difficult to have another. In addition, in the early stage of brand building image not only always around the brand positioning, but also requires the image of outstanding and can resonate with the positioning groups. With the brand image, it is like setting up an archway. When you set it up, you have to hold it. As I mentioned above, you must link it together, otherwise your reputation will be discredited. This is the foundation of a brand, the foundation is not strong, the final four is not like, and even nothing like. Fortunately, even though some young companies have missed some of the details of creating a brand, we still see a glimmer of promise in the vagueness. For example, the business men's clothing, a newly established business men's brand, and thousands of new-found brands one of them. Why do I say this is hope? First of all, Magyarors was founded by a group of young people, full of passion and easy to accept new concepts, adaptability, and a little observation can find that they also have a strong execution. Second, this brand is positioned as the business suits of urban young men who are busy with their careers and work. As a precise brand positioning, as far as we know, there is not any mature brand that conflicts with them. Also seize the market vacancies. Then is the establishment of the brand image, is the Jazz men to "work clean and tidy, a man dare to forge ahead!" As the slogan, this brand image is both the market, but also very good to meet consumer psychology, and its generation Resonance, but also through this image to convey a message to consumers: select the formal dress is to pick the image, rather than style. A closer look at some of the current start-up brands, most of them are young people founded, all have the same full momentum, if they can be as clear as Jazz and pay attention to brand positioning and brand image, I believe the earth is not far off!

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