Sales psychology: Sales are not sold, but help customers buy!

[China Glass Network] Description: It is very necessary to do sales and understand sales psychology. Xiaobian shares for you is one of the sales psychology theories: sales are not for sale, but help customers buy! This theory has been passed down by countless people, it is worthy of a friend who is engaged in sales work.

Sales are not for sale, but to help customers buy!

First, money is earned for insiders - there are no goods that can't be sold in the world, only those who can't sell the goods.

Second, people who want to do are always looking for ways, people who don't want to do are always looking for reasons; there is no way in the world, only people who can't figure out.

Third, the seller should not argue with the customer about the price, but discuss the value with the customer.

Fourth, go out with the goal, come back with the results, success is not because of speed, but because there are ways.

5. There are no wrong customers, only insufficient services.

Sixth, the professional belief of the marketer: to accept the rejection of others as a professional lifestyle.

Seven, customers will come to our store, we have to go into the hearts of customers; Old customers must be frank, new customers should be enthusiastic, eager customers to speed, big customers to taste, small customers to benefit.

Eight, the customer needs not a product, but a set of solutions, what is not important to sell, what is important is how to sell.

Nine, the customer will not care what you sell, but only care what you want. There are no better products, only the more suitable products.

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