SHEN out of another kind of shaking aristocratic temperament

Founded in 1995 SHEN brand, designer JERRY himself is a pursuit of the perfect adherents, the use of aesthetics and gorgeous charm combined with the design of clothing. Clothing from JERRY design simple but luxurious design can not be separated from the relationship, in JERRY's art talent, live off another kind of shaking aristocratic temperament.


JERRY since childhood came to dream of becoming a fashion designer, and no self-taught learn sewing. University of the United States entered the famous Institute of Fashion theFashionInstituteofTechnology (FI) enrolled, after graduating to create a women's brand SHEN.


SHEN in the Australian market by keen on the pursuit of high-quality fashion favorite. Because we know that a good brand not only to reflect a value, but also affinity with people's spending power. On the basis of constantly seeking new ideas, pursuing fastness and seeking quality, what people need is not a single product but "unique", "uniqueness" and "reasonable price". "Learn from history, we can know the rise and fall," different economic times for the rise and fall of major brands can tell us that the rise of a great brand often lies in the brand was actually the spirit of the times and consumers in general.

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Beer Glasses

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