Shanghai girls new fashion, jeans with cloth shoes

A long time ago, when the social atmosphere had just begun to relax, there was a movie called "Female Dormitory" that told the story of a group of people who admired.

Now we do not say "female college students". This name contains too many favored days - college students are not allowed, let alone women. We say "university girls", "university" representative sites, and "girls" represent gender. They are really just ordinary people with no halo on their heads. They have style, but no money; there is youth, but there is not enough space. Six people crowded into a small dormitory. Each person had only one bed as a private "territory". A stack of books was also piled on the bed and accounted for half of the country.

It is as if people say "Shanghai people who live in alleys," just because of the smallness of their residence and their pursuit of face. Therefore, all the brilliance is on the body. University girls also put their energy on the pursuit of beauty in their clothing. Dressing up is the most important means for their personality. However, each person only has a small one-dimensional wardrobe, what kind of clothes knead several times no type. There are few money in his hand and he can only sigh while reading fashion magazines.

Dressing them is a joyful and painful thing. Life seems to be always in contradiction! It's no wonder the popular lyrics are like this: “I want to go to Guilin! I want to go to Guilin! But when I have time, I have no money. When I have money, I have no time. ”

Forever "Cowboy"

Jeans are always popular on campus. The girl with long hair, wearing a loose plaid shirt and jeans, is always as clunky as a tank car, but it seems to be sensitive and detailed.

The clothing of the heroes of the western United States in the early part of this century is just like their optimistic heroic legend and is now loved by us. Love singing "Olive Tree", watching "Red Dust", longing for the distance, longing for wandering, eager to see the world, university girls who yearn for thrilling and immortal love naturally like this legendary style.

Jeans are very beautiful, and the average jeans are tight. They can highlight lines and textures, and can set off beautiful youthful beauty. This kind of trousers was also called "garment pants." As its name suggests, it is wear-resistant and dirty. Wearing it, you can sit on the ground casually, even if there is a little damage to the dirt on the trip, it will not damage the demeanor. This coincides with casual and casual beats. Going up and down the mountains and rivers, eating apples and reading books on the lawn under the sun, and guitar singers singing under the stars on the summer night are all beautiful pictures. However, if there is no jeans, all this is unthinkable. Can you wear a silk dress and sit on the grass casually?

Jeans are almost all-powerful for college girls. They can keep warm in winter, cool in summer, and easy to travel in spring and autumn. There are no carpets in the dormitories; there are not many places in the classroom and they need to be occupied early; there are many people in the canteens and they are often crowded; the bicycle is still a cyclist; the rice bowls in the bag are hung on the handlebars; The clothes may be ripped and only jeans are the best to wear.

People make big fuss on jeans: small trousers change into horns, change again and again, and change back to straight legs. This year it is said that the wide foot is fashionable; the color changed from the previous blue to the old-fashioned whitening, and there was a period of time. The dark green and rust red have also been splendid for a while, and now they have returned to their original state. It has also been popular in flower patches, embroideries, patterns, and holes in jeans. However, in college girls, ordinary, old and old white jeans are always mainstream. Variety of mutant jeans takes so much time to take care of it, it is not as clear and neat as its original, of course, not likeable.

The “cowboy” family on campus is still developing in two directions: more comfortable, corduroy pants, and more casual ones are the newly popular wide-leg pants and camouflage T-shirts with multiple pockets.

Plaid scarves, T-shirts, big shirts, and jeans are school dresses that are never outdated.

Dream back "May 4th"

The woman may naturally be soft, smooth, and beautiful, and the "woman naturally dreams." Reflected in the dress, probably the most popular Chinese traditional clothing.

On the lakeside campus, people often wore “May 4th” shirt skirts, and girls with two braids walked past the flowers and willows. The satin floral skirts drifted past. It seemed as though time flies backwards. When it was empty, it seemed to be back to the era of rich thoughts, full of energy, high enthusiasm and new and old alternatives. The female students wearing Chinese-style shirt skirts and white socks and black cloth shoes have the traditional peace and tranquility, as well as fresh enthusiasm and wisdom. They are very beautiful symbols.

In the summer, the “May 4th installment” became popular on the university campus. Even the Tsinghua girls who studied science and technology and were known for their coolness were almost a handful. A girl wearing a floral satin blouse and a black pleated skirt said: "This dress is quite romantic and beautiful, and it can be worn on formal occasions."

Indeed, Chinese clothes are arbitrarily arbitrarily heavy and can be worn casually. Unlike western-style dresses that are worn on shoulders, they are so picky on the occasion. University girls don’t have much money, and they don’t have too many opportunities to get out of high-level places. Sometimes, they have a solemn gathering to attend. It’s a good investment to buy Chinese clothes that suit Yifeng.

Ancient China was rich and beautiful. Even the soles of cloth shoes were full of delicate patterns. The time of the Book of Songs is a small pink flower floating on the water, a fog on the hill, and it is clean. The abundance of exotic and rich Tang, the prettier style of the trousers, the elegant cheongsam, the traditional costumes accumulated over thousands of years of culture are beautiful, and there is also a faint feeling of dreaming back to history! The sleeves are so beautiful that the complicated embroidery on the soles of the shoes is barely visible, and the cheongsam is too garish. Therefore, the university girls are most likely to wear the Chinese blouses, pleated skirts, and black cloth shoes worn by the “54” female students. .

One day in the street, I saw a woman wearing a traditional "red-green trousers." The red and green colors are not too pure colors, and they are beautifully matched. I think if there are smart businesses that can produce matching hand-embroidered shoes, it must be very profitable.

Some chic little shops now sell old and trendy "improved" traditional garments. They are both old-fashioned and not too strange. They are cooperating with clever little girls. Like "Ayu's shop," "free horse," and "Cinderella", they also sell cute Chinese-style packets, which are the hearts of university girls.

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