A hundred years of classic New Balance574 retro style strikes

574 series sold worldwide

Vintage shoes should be very familiar to a "talent" who likes the trend. Among the many followers of the trend, retro shoes have a rich connotation of the trend of the vane, has become a shining bright spot. Unique style, colorful retro shoes, has become a must-have for any fashion person. Fashion trend "people" who, how could not prepare a few pairs of retro shoes to add points for their Fashion style? Like other stars, Taiwanese singer Mou Chengqing is also an out-and-out follower of retro style. Open his shoe, Newbridge retro shoes countless. Many film and television stars, social celebrities also regard New Balance as a genuine retro shoes worthy of collection. Different colors, with various colors of clothing, accessories, reflect different fashion charm. You already have a few pairs of retro shoes?

Among the many retro shoes, New Balance 574 is regarded as one of the most classic and also the most popular shoes. Calling it a classic is beyond the limit, because as early as more than 30 years ago, this section of the shoe has already swept the world. Although you are the ancestor of retro shoes, the New Balance vintage series has been reborn in new brilliance after 30 years of baptism. It has always been at the top of the trend in style and color. Take a look at this New Balance 574 to see what is an avant-garde trend. A variety of colors, each color is a beautiful color, colorful colors enough to make this colorful New Balance 574 become a touch of bright colors in the trend market. Nowadays, vintage shoes are popular, and 574 is winning the favor of many people with its colorful colors. I believe this is because there is a reason for retro style! Of course, as a sports shoe, 574 also has a good expression! New Balance 574 has designed different styles according to different wearing requirements to meet the needs of different amateurs. Comfortable and lustrous materials show a distinctive urban image; other New Balance 574s use a warm-feeling, frizzy suede that is naturally flat. The suede version features plush suede and a mesh/leather upper for comfort. Good air permeability. Simple color and material changes can show rich meanings, making 574 more and more attractive.

Since the establishment of the company in 1906, New Balance has been a brand for more than 100 years. It not only guarantees the comfort of wearing in terms of quality, but also follows the classic taste in style and colors, and brings consumers a brand-new wearing experience. Come and choose a pair of comfortable, colorful New Balance 574, let yourself become a fashion "talent". Embark on retro colors and let the retro style come even harder.

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