Versailles Versailles series fur JZ kneel position 2014 winter new

The fusion of modernity and classics makes Kyocera a mystery. The positioning is similar to the decoration. The Kyocera Knitting presents the classical Baroque court style. The fabric has a sense of texture and knitting combined with mosaic arts. The fashion is soft and delicate, and the silhouette is female. The modifications are all showing the gentleness and intelligence of an exquisite woman.

流光凡尔赛系列皮草 JZ玖姿2014冬季新款 (图1)

流光凡尔赛系列皮草 JZ玖姿2014冬季新款 (图2)

A long time ago, like a bear, I couldn't wait to put my quilt over my body. A long time later, I recalled that what was supposed to be buried in the history of black history was a small microcosm of the era. Light, soft and fur makes it easy to show off any body in winter without any pressure. As long as the color to force, as a supporting role will also inadvertently steal the spotlight.

流光凡尔赛系列皮草 JZ玖姿2014冬季新款 (图3)

The fur coat is such a beautiful black that it has been beautiful, not to mention the short cut and five-sleeved sleeve design is the lifelong pursuit of the high family. Exposing the arm in the cold wind really requires courage. At this time, it is necessary to immediately set the selected high-collar player and make it elegant and extravagant.

流光凡尔赛系列皮草 JZ玖姿2014冬季新款 (图4)

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